Hurley, Wisconsin
How "Hurley"Name
came about

Our City's Namesake

The town took its name from Mr. M. A. Hurley, a prominent attorney of Wausau who won a lawsuit for  the Northern Chief Iron Company in 1884.
What the compensation for winning the suit was to be was easily determined. He asked no  fee, but only requesting that the town involved in this case can be named after him. The full name "Glen Hurley' was used for one year, but in 1885 the first name was dropped, and the community became known as Hurley

Hurley's First

John Ankers started Hurley's first saloon. He was also Hurley's first town clerk, the first Justice of the Peace, and the first chief of the first Hurley fire-fighting organization.

He was.therefore,a very active individual. After all those firsts, he retired and became the local agent for the Pabst Brewing Company
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