Sharey Zedek Cemetery
Hurley, Wisconsin

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Tombstone Inscriptions
transcribed by Steven Heifetz, MD

Rein-Mrs. F. G. (Fanny-Mother Died Sept 12, 1917 Age 52 yrs)

Feinberg-Miriam M.(Mother Died Sept 17, 1913 Age 78 yrs)
Abelman-Rose, March 17, 1895 - October 25, 1996
Abe (Father 1860-1952),
Sadye (Sister 1893-1954)
Ida (Mother 1870-1940), Frank, Alice

Adler-Mary Musa (Mother 1866-1938)

Rose, March 17, 1895 - October 25, 1996
Joe, Oct 31, 1896-May 27, 1991
Maurice, Apr 25, 1898-Nov 6, 1986
Abe (Father 1860-1952),
Sadye (Sister 1893-1954)
Ida (Mother 1870-1940), Frank, Alice
Frank June 13, 1900 - Oct 2, 1993
Alice Dec 12, 1908-Sept 21, 1999
Abelman, Shea (? I'm translating from the Hebrew) son of Tzvi 1863-Nov 10, 1939
Abelman, Leah (daughter of Tzvi)

Arkowitz-Dina (Mother Died June 11 1908   Age 46 yrs)
Hattie Beloved Daughter  Died June 1, 1907 age 16 years
Hattie is buried next to her mother, Dina.  They share the same   monument. Dina's inscription is on the front ...Hatti's is on the side.   

Barish-Anna  1863-1918

Berkovitz-Rose (Mother 1886-1966) 
This is a unique stone with cursive hebrew writing,
Louis (Son of Israel Tzway 1876-1947)

Howard David (1st Lt. US Army World War II 
Dec 28, 1921-Dec 7, 1976
Bond, Ida   1889-1982
Bond, Maurice 1884-1957

M. (Husband & Father May 4, 1891-Feb 20, 1961),
Betty (Wife & Mother Sept 22, 1891-Sept 17, 1986)

-Michael A. (1902-1979),
Bessie L. (1913-1993),
Mosie N.(XXX4-1989),
Nissan (1864-1902,
synopsis of the death certificate reads as follows:
Nesen Gertz--Merchant
                     Date of Birth--09/14/1862 ( different from tombstone)
                     Date of Death--06/12/1902
                     His father's name--Meer Gertz
                     His mother's name--Eige Gertz
                     His wife's name--Masha Gertz**
                     Place of Birth--Krenek, Russia
                     Cause of Death--Andocardite

This information was submitted by Neal M. Gertz, grandson .
     If you have other information on the GERTZ family or would like to
     contact Neal Gertz ...

Samuel (1867-1927),
Rasha (1868-1948),
Sarah (Mother Died Oct 11, 1933),
Louis T. ((Father Died Oct 26, 1952),

Goldman-Mollie (Mother and Wife June 18, 1878-Oct 19, 1910)

Ladin-Abe N.(Father  1887-1980),
Jean E. (Mother 1895-1973),
Anna (Mother Jul 15, 1884- Apr 21, 1979
Abe (Father   Dec 31, 1878-Aug 29, 1955

Freda   Daughter of A + R Lieberthal, born May 19, 1902, died May 27, 1902

Sloan, B - (Died July 17,1903)

Gertrude (1912-1975),
Isadore (1903-1972)


Abe (1872-1933),
Leah (Daughter of Israel 1865-1946)

Simon (1858-1931),
Mrs Simon 1856-1918
David (Father 1877-1945),
Goldie (Mother June 6, 1884-Jan 8, 1971),
Roy (Husband Sept 1, 1906-Feb 27, 1960),
Jacob S.(Brother Apr 3, 1904-Feb 27, 1986)

Beatrice L.(Mother 1916-1994),
Joseph H.(Father 1914-1999)

Pauline (1885-1939)

Charles (Father 1879-1932),
Anna (Mother),
Mike Died Aug 19, 1930 Age 65),
Gershon (Died March 17, 1918   Age 72)
Rosa  Died March 3, 1914  Age 65 years

Bernard (1852-1924) 
Minnie  Died March 30, 1908

-Naomi Nancy (1941-1987) 
This stone is written in English, Hebrew and Russian --the only stone in the cemetery with Russian writing.

      She was a professor from Milwaukee who was a Russian -Jewish marathon runner. She ran in ther Paavo Nurmi Marathon in Hurley which goes right past the cemetery. 
She was so impressed with the cemetery, she asked to be buried there, even though she wasn't from the area.

Tobin-  Yehuda bar Yuda Leib Tobin  
       (Hebrew date of death: 20, Tammuz 5674 
corresponding English date is 14, July 1914)  
     This person is probably the same as Udir Tobin listed in the 1910 Federal Census. 
He immigrated to the US in 1905 and lived with his son- in -law and daughter 
Hyman (Nachman) Ziff and Rosie (Rasha Tobin) Ziff.

Esther (Mother 1896-1957)

Joseph S.(1911-1967)

Helen (1892-1963), Hyman( XXXX-1968)

Frances Florence (Jul 4, 1918- Dec 13, 1943),
Max (Nov 18, 1911-Jul 20, 1956),
Louis (Father 1880-1965),
Rose (Mother 1886-1968),

Frieda (Mother 1882-1948)


Mollie (Mother 1862-1936),

D.L. (Died Sept 8, 1933).

S. (Samuel)

Milavetz-AnneS. (Wife and Mother  Apr 23, 1900-Aug 7, 1968), Benjamin     (Husband and Father  Mar 14, 1887-May 18, 1958),
Frank (Husband and Father Mar 10-1893-Feb 27, 1953),
Jeannette (Wife and Mother Dec 7, 1898-June 5, 1988)

Goldman-Dorothy Ableman (June 8, 1905-Jan 13, 1977),
Ben E. (Minnesota PVT US Army World War I May 9, 1893-June 24 1970), Karl H. (Michigan YNSN US Navy Korea Dec 29, 1932-April 10, 1967)

Barish-Anna  1863-1918

Skud-Herman  1858-1936

Small-Abe  1864-1932

Jewish tradition says that the gravestones usually have the person's English and Hebrew names. They almost always will have the Hebrew name of the deceased person's father (in Hebrew it will say "ben" or "bar" which means "son of" and for women it will say "bat" which means "daughter of")

This helps with genealogy since it gives names, one generation back.   The gravestone will also list the exact day of death in the Jewish calendar, even if in English only the year of death is recorded. Sometimes in Hebrew there will be a poem or other saying.

Also in Jewish tradition, flowers are not brought to the gravestone on visits. Instead a rock or stone is left on top of the headstone when a visitor comes. A prayer called the "Mourner's Kaddish" may be recited.
No one is certain why a stone is left and not flowers.

It may be that stone is more permanent and flowers wilt.
It is also suggested that the money that would have
been spent on flowers be donated to a charity.
There is also a story that in olden times graves were marked by rocks,
and that is why we place a stone on top of the gravestone.

Headstones are not placed at the time of burial, rather they are placed sometime during the first year, but at least seven days after the burial.

The ceremony of "unveiling" the stone is called Hakamat Matzeivah ("raising up the stone"). During the first seven days after the death, a mourning period called "shiva" takes place by visiting the deceased relative's home. The idea of the visit is a respect for the deceased and to provide comfort  to the mourner.

Four times during the year, on special holidays, a service called Yizkor (Hebrew-"rememberance"), is held at the synagogue. The service includes a time to remember our loved ones. 

Also on the yearly anniversary of the death, another rememberance ceremony takes place called "Yartzheit". A private prayer is said, a candle is lit. and  commonly the gravesite is visited.

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     Some information for this page has been provided by Joanne Sher
On July 24, 2005 a Memorial (Kaddish) Ceremony was conducted at the cemetery
by Rabbi Norman Lewison. A rock was placed on each headstone
as a sign of rememberance by those who attended the service.

Steve Heifetz