Resettlement Town to Be
Built at Lake and Helli
Roads Crossing.

The Ironwood Homesteads resettlement community of 400 homes will be built on a tract of about 1.390 acres surrounding the intersection of the Lake Superior and Hell' roads in Ironwood township It has been finally decided by the resettlement administrationin.

Washington, according to H. C. Gelnaw, In charge of land acquisition, who returned from Washington today.
After several changes in tentative selections of a site for the town, the Lake Superior road site was finally chosen and definite plans have beep made to start construction within! a short time in order to have the houses enclosed by the time snow files. said Glenaw, Walter Olson of New York, resident engineer, is expected to return here within the week to take charge.

Two Miles North

The major portion of the townsite will be north of the Helli road and will lie on both sides of the concrete paved Lake road.

This site is two miles north of the city.
The site was changed after considerable progress  had been made In planning a townsite east of the Section 12 road, which is a mlle and a half east of the Lake road. The change was made in order to avoid any possibility of a subsidence problem developing in the future as the result of mining operations at the Geneva, which is south of the Section 12 area, it was declared by
resettlement officials. This was done in order to co-operate as much as passible with private industry, it was stated.

The total estimated cost of the resettlement is still from $2,000,000 to $2.500.000. it was explained. The allocatIon of 5354.666 made by the administration last week Is only to cover the purchase of land and starting of construction. Additions allocations will be made as the work progresses. The present allotment is $165.950 for land and $169,316 for starting construction.

To Truck Materials

Plans had been made and surveys completed for a railroad spur to the Section 12 site, but with the change, in location a spur will not be built instead materials will be hauled by trucks, the pavement making possible all-weather hauling.

Approximatety 5.000 carloads of material will be received for the project, it is estimated.

The site of the town will include the Emil Hill farm, the Waino Helli property, part of the Ernest Hill farm west of Waino Helli's place. Max Richter's,
the Helli Estate, John Bergland, the Jokippl, John Nast Walkonen, and Wieland farms. ' These are the principal properties on which the town will be built.

Officials Arrive Here to Take
Charge of Homesteads

The work of grading and levelling the site for the Ironwood Home-steads, federal restatement project In Ironwood township, will get under way this week. it was announced at the local office today.
Walter Olson of New York, who will be m charge as resident engineer, has arrived here to take over his duties. Personnel men and other officials also arrived here to-day.

Employment of men has not start-ed. however. and the federal re-employment office at Bessemer has not been called upon to supply any labor as yet.
Among those who arrived here today and will have charge of various

phases of the project are Harold Bower, prourement officer; George L Lommel. clerk of works who will also act as personnel officer: Wiliam Goodbye, payroll of-fleet: Arthur Patterson. chief field engineer: K. J. King, in charge of sewer construction.

The resettlement administration expects to have men at work moving earth on the site by the end of the week. said Olson. The work will be started by the use of hand equipment.

Machinery for use on the project will be requisitioned. ft has not been decided whether trucks will be purchased for the project or whether local trucks will be employed on a rental basis.

The personnel office has been established In temporary quartets at the Luther L Wright high school and clerical and other office em-, employees will be hired there. Laborers and tradesmen such
as carpenters and plumbers will be hired through the national re-employment service' office at Bessemer. which will certify
men to the resettlement administration personnel office as requisitioned.
George L Lommel, clerk of works is in charge of the personnel office.
First Unit of New Town
To Consist of 77 Homes

Surveyors employed by the federal resettlement administration were at work today, under the dirert;on of Walter Olson. resident engineer. In making a survey on the Weill mad in Ironwood township, site of the Ironwood homesteads resettlement project.

h is proposed to widen the Helli road from a 60 to an 80 foot right of way. The work now being done consists of running lines for this pro-posed widening and also to deter-mine the grade of this section of the proposed townsite

Plans now are to construct 77 houses as the first unit of the 400 dwelling community the administration
has announced It will spend over $2,000,000 to build. These 77 houses are to be built along the Helli Road. 
The surveys being made today are to determine the best grades for the portion of the town-site.
Work to Sart on
New Town July 6

Ironwood Homesteads Will Consist of 400 Homes in Township.
COST OVER $2,000,000

Construction work is scheduled to star Monday. July 6 on the Iron-wood Homesteads, federal resettlement project .n Ironwood town-ship, The Daily Globe was informed today in a long distance telephone interview with Thomas B. Lippincott of the construction division, who is in Washtngton.
Administration offices will occupy the first building to be erected on the 1,400 acre site at the intersection Lion of the Lake Superior and Helli Roads. These offices will occupy a structure which later will be used for a community building
400 Acre Townsite

The Townsite will occupy 400 acres  east and west of the Lake road and north and south of the Helli Road. Plans call for the building of 300 individual homes, 80 group homes. and a 20-apartment building. to provide housing for 400 families, said Lippincott.

Each lot will he five-eights of an acre. In addition there will be 280 acme for heavy crops such as potatoes and root crops, 280 acres for pasture land. and 40 acres for a woodlot. There also will be acreage for field crops.

There are four basic  different types of exterior treatment: brick, concrete block, siding and shingles. Each house will have from two to four bedrooms, a laundry, garage. root
cellar and heater room. Each will have hot air heating system and will be insulated against severe and water conne tions will be included.

Will have Stores,
The community building will have an auditorium to seat 400 persons and will be available for winter basketball.

It will be equipted with a. moving picture projector and will have a banquet hall, library and reading room.

The plans also call for building a drug store, a shoe repair shop, and a combination barber shop and beauty parlor. There also will be a general store. The stores, will not be designed to compete with Ironwood stores.

The community also will have a fire station. and a playground and athletic field.

In previous announcements the The Resettlement administration has estimated the cost of the projec. at from 82.000.000 to $2.500,000, of which more than $300,000 has al-ready been allocated for purchase of land and construction
The administration has estimated  that at the peak of activity about 1.800 men will be employed. In additlon to construction of buildings. two miles of new road will be built  of macadam.

$354,666 Allocated For
Homestead Project Here

Washington, June 20--AP resettlement administrator announced today a total of $354.666 ad been allocated for the development of the Ironwood, Mich., Homesteads project designed to provide: new homes for 400 northern Michigan families by December 1.

The last allotment was $122,716 raising to $168,716 the amount provied for the construction of 400, family unite for the resettlement of families now living on non-produc ive farm lands in the upper Michgan peninsula. The sum of $185,950 was set aside for the purchase of 1,800 acme of land for the homestead.

The administration said actual
construction work was expected to begin soon and that the whole project was Le be finished by December 1.

Resettlement officials who have studied Ironwood at various times in
connection with the Ironwood Homesteads project have declared. that the cost of the project would be between $2,000,000 and $2,500, 000. or more than five times the amount now allocated to the community.

Surveyors who have been here for several months  making topographic and other surveys recently have been
making a survey for a railroad spur which it is proposed to construct to the the site for  hauling materials and supplies.

The site selected for the community is in the vicinity of the Section 12 road, which runs north from the all tracts on highway US-2.

A labor relations official of the resettlement administration, who visited here recently, said the men to be employed on the project will be hired through the national re-employment office at Bessemer. Men will first  be taken from relief rolls. A list of more than 3,000 men was recently furnished the resettlement administration by the local WPA office.

At the WPA office here today it as declared that the proposed Mount Zion site for a new water reservoir for the city of Ironwood has been rejected on the ground the hill is too low. It is now planned to design a larger reservoir and seek the assistance of the resettlement administration in its construction, with the object of having the reservoir serve both the city of Ironwood and the resettlement community with water.

The announcement in Washington that the project is intended for resettlement of families living on unproductive farms In the Upper Peninsula was not explained.

The original purpose of the project, as announced at its inception, was to provide homes for families now living in the so-called "subsistence area" in the city of Ironwood, to  permit clearing of title area to make possible continued mining operations.

It was first planned to seek a site for the community on the south side of Ironwood. Later options were obtained in Ironwood township, covering most of the farm area in the district. The allocation for land purchase places the average price for the area at slightly more than $100 an acre

Ironwood Township Resettlement Project  Ironwood Township, Michigan

All news clippings are from 1936-1938
Helli Farm ... house and garage being moved for Resettlement.  House now located on Slade Road.
John G. Helli Home ... On Helli Road (now Sunset Road)
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