This is a picture of
Cainan Victor Talo
who went to be with Jesus at the age of 20 days on January 17,1999
How does it feel???

How does it feel to stand on the side,
to watch as they bury your son that died?

How does it feel to just walk away,
To think of his body, how it will decay?

How does it feel to think in the night,
that your baby is cold and there is no light?

How does it feel when your arms will just ache,
and your heart really feels that it will break?

I can tell you right now that there are no words,
to tell of the pain, there just are no words.

I feared so of this of all that I faced,
when Cainan was here, that in the ground he'd be placed.

But now I will tell you how I have been blessed,
with the grace of a Lord who loved me like this.

He tenderly carried me, and loved me so much,
and sent me his loving and calm healing touch.

I needed to hear like a small child again,
That Jesus loved me and paid for my sin.

My thoughts before I lost a child,
was that there was no way I could handle THAT trial.

But I did not need the grace for it then,
But when God knew I needed the grace, there it's been.

Oh how can I thank Him who loves me so much,
That he has given me his healing touch?

The gift Cainan received is the one I long for,
To attain the sweet safety of the Home Caanan’s shore.

My prayer is also for all of you that I love,
That you will join Cainan and JESUS above