Photo 113A: Presents Page from Wedding Guest Book


Photo 113A: Presents Page from Wedding Guest Book for Frank E. Moore and Bertha Krueger, The entries include: Iron Ore Camp #3718, Mr. W. A. - Rocking Chair, Gogebic Lodge #88 K. of P. - Silver Fruit Basket, Hematite Lodge #334 I.O.O.F - Center table, Peter Bleau - Cracker Jar, Lizzie Bleau - Silver knives & forks, Rosa Dotz - center table scarf, Fred Gygio, Jas F. Pike, Burt Court - Parlor Lamp, Mrs. Rouso - Bread Tray & napkins, Alma Ulven - Bread Plate, Anna Bascoe - artificial flowers, Mrs. & Mr Albert Moore - Sofa pillo & nest fork, Myrtle Moore - Salt & pepper shaker, Josie & Mamie Hughes - butter knife, Mrs. Albert Moore - Center table piece, Mrs. C. S. Hoyt - cream ladle, H.M. Meyers - Berry spoon & sugar bowl, Mr.& Mrs. J.SaFave - cream pitcher, Mrs. John Gardner - sofa pillow top, Minnie Isaacson - Doillie, Mrs. Gust Isaacson - Butter dish & pielid, 17FEB1905, Hurley, WI

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