The following photos are from my Great Grandfatherís (Frank Elbert Moore) collection from the time period when he lived in Gile, Wisconsin.

    He and his brother Charles Albert Moore lived in the area during the late 1800ís and the early 1900ís.  The collection is a mixture of photos, articles, and memorabilia that he saved from that period of his life.

    Frank (5/24/1869) and his brother Charles Albert Moore (5/9/1872) were born in Plainfield, WI and were the sons of Charles Bingley Moore and Tamar Elizabeth Shaff.

    They moved to Iron County, WI as young men.  Frank married Bertha Augusta Krueger of Hurley, WI (Daughter of Charles August Krueger and Augusta Wepner) in 1905, just before they moved to Bemidji, MN.

    Charles married Tillie Elizabeth Isaacson of Hurley, WI (Daughter of Gustaf Isaacson and Maria Houle) in 1893. Charles Albert and Tillie stayed in the Hurley/Ironwood Area throughout their lives.

    Some of the photos are from Charles Albertís family, many of which were most likely sent to my Great Grandfather after he moved to Minnesota.  Where possible I have identified the person(s) in the photo, the photographer, and any other markings.  Many of the photos are not identified.  Iíd welcome any help in identifying the persons in the photos.

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Keith Aleckson

Keith  Aleckson's Photos of Hurley / Ironwood
Late 1800s - Early 1900s
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