Albert & Liisa Maria Mattson
          Albert Mattson was born August 19, 1872 in  Saloinen, Oulu Laani, Finland.  His parents were Matti Krekila-Siniluoto and Gemina Johanintytar Kettukangas....Alberts parents never came to the USA.
          Albert immigrated to the US in the age of 20.  His brother Seth Mikael came later. Other siblings remained in Finland.
          Albert died in 1954 in Oma Township, Wisconsin....and is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Ironwood, Michigan.

*Albert (Siniluoto) Mattson*
          Liisa Maria Sunie was born
April 13, 1879 in Pyhajoki, Ypparikyla Oulan, Finland...Her parents were Matti Sunie and Maria Niemela. Her parents never came to the USA.
          Liisa Maria immigrated to the US in 1896 with her brother Sylvester, and sister Hannah.  Other siblings remained in  Finland.

August 9, 1900 She married Albert Siniluoto in Ironwood, Michigan.  Her brother, Sylvester and his wife Lempi  were their wittnesses.
          Liisa died June 20, 1938 at the age of 59.  She is buried in Riverside Cemetery...Ironwood, Michigan.

*Liisa Maria Sunie*
Albert Mattson Farm...Carey, Wisconsin
Albert & Liisa had seven children:

Arnold Mattson .....Married Helia E. Helli
Sulo Mattson .........Married Martha Korpela
Saima Mattson.......Married Odin Carlson
Ellen Mattson.........Married Emil Hill
Francis Mattson......Married Gertrude Anderson
                                   second marriage to
                                   Ann Hessman.
Impii Mattson..........Died as an infant
Ernest Mattson.......Married Marion Lambert   
Wedding of Sulo Mattson &
Martha Korpela
Arnold A. Mattson married Helia Helli...July 5, 1930 in Ironwood, Michigan.

They had two children:
Rodney Arnold Mattson
Joyce Eileen Marie Mattson