John Batista Ozzello:  born 12-31-1854 in Locana, Italy.  Died 8-9-1927 in Wakefield, Mich.

Domenica (Procarione) Ozzello:  born 2-17-1857 in Locana, Italy.  Died 2-28-1939 in Wakefield, Mich.

... were both born and married in Locana, Italy;  then came to Wakefield, Michigan to live on a farm in Fink Location and work in the Wakefield Iron Ore Mine.

They had 7 children:
Domenic Ozzello:  born 10-1-1882 in Locana, Italy.  Died 10-1-1905 in Utah, buried in Bessemer, Mich.

Ann Ozzello:  born 1883 in Locana, Italy.  Died 10-10-1917 in Newberry, Mich.

Mary (Ozzello) Galiardi:  born 8-15-1884 in Grenoble, France.  Died 1-8-1961 in Wakefield, Mich.

Giacomo Ozzello:  born 5-10-1885 in Locana, Italy.  Died 1-18-1955 in Locana, Italy.

John Joseph Ozzello:  born 11-5-1892 in Wakefield, Mich.  Died 6-13-1966 in Wakefield, Mich.  He and his wife Margaret owned and operated the Lakeview Inn in Wakefield for several years.

Marian Angeline (Ozzello) Negro:  born 4-8-1897 in Wakefield, Mich.  Died 1985 in Wakefield, Mich.

James John Ozzello:  born 5-31-1899 in Wakefield, Mich.  Died 11-26-1949 in Wakefield, Mich.

John & Domenica Ozzello ... probably wedding photo circa 1880
Family of John & Domenica Ozzello
Wakefield, Michigan