John Henriksson Helli & Walborg Wilhilmiina Kultalahti
John Henriksson Helli:
Born August 6, 1848 in AlaharmaFinland.  Died... November 8, 1909 in Ironwood, Michigan, USA.
    With the two oldest children he immigrated to the USA  in 1894.  The family settled in Ironwood, Michigan in the Norrie Location.
    From his obituary, it is known that he died at the home of his son, John G. Helli, at 415 Pine Street. This address was also the Helli Meat & grocery Store.
    John Helli is buried in The Riverside Cemetery...Ironwood, Michigan...BLOCK 21...LOT39...GRAVE #1. At this time, his grave is unmarked.

  Walborg Wilhelmiina (Minnia) Kultulahti - Helli
was born July 4, 1849 in Vaasan laani, Finland. She died March 5, 1901 in Ironwood, Michigan.
Her mother was Greta Lovisa Davidsdotter Kultalahti

Miina came to the USA to join her husband and the two oldest children in 1896. She arrived at the Port of Quebec with the three younger children and traveled by train to Ironwood, Michigan.
    She is buried in The Riverside Cemetery, Ironwood, Michigan...BLOCK 10,   IT'S IN THE OLDER SECTION...JUST WHEN YOU ENTER THE GATE...ABOUT THREE ROWS DOWN AND ONE ROW IN.  her grave is marked with a tall gray inscribed tombstone

John & Minnia had seven children:
             All were born in Finland

John G. Helli Jr....Married Maria Luoma
Miina Helli...Married Sam Kanto
Manuel Helli...Married Hilda (Mary) Sivula
Ida Helli...Married John Karvonen
Amanda Helli...Married Erick Luoma
  (also two children who died as youths)
Johannes and Hilma Lovisa
Obituary of John G. Helli

Obituary of Maria S Luoma
Translation of Obituary:

With sorrow & regret we advise
That God of life and death
has found it good to summon away
our dear father,
Johan Helin

He had a cerebral thrombosis and
suffered  9 days and went to a sleep
of death and new life in his Saviour,
In Ironwood, Michigan on
November 8, 1909.
61 yrs, 3months and 2 days

2 sons, 3 daughters, 1 brother
in this country...2 brothers (or sisters)
in the old country long for him.

The Children
This obituary , written in "OLD FINNISH" was found
in an album belonging to
Helia Helli Mattson,
granddaughter of
John  Helli
It was translated by a very kind person in Finland.