1928 Wakefield Township Michigan 

Alphabetical listings of residents and businesses


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Supervisor: E. G. Hamlin.

Clerk: J. D. Porter.

Tremurer: Dennis Beaudette.

Highway Commissioner: L. Scott.

Overseer of Highway: Arthur Anderson.

Justice of Peace: Nestor Nelson



President: Henry A. Tressel, Wakefield.

Secretary: Abe Mathews, Verona.

Treasurer: Victor Lepisto, Wakefield.

Trustee: Henry Ahola, Wakefield;  Mrs. M. Delmet, Wakefield.



 Superintendent: C. W. Bemer.

Thomaston School: Julia Komove.

Planter School: Beatrice Bruns.

 Jack's Spur School: Mabel DeFere.


HOTELS:   Mike Smith.




Anderson Albin Thomaston Woodsman

Anderson Arthur W married Thomaston laborer g/1 b/1

Anderson Gust Wakefield farmer

Anderson Harry married Thomaston laborer g/1

Anderson Louis C married Planter lumberman b/1

Anderson Mary Mrs Thomaston housewife

Autio Hilma Mrs Wakefield g/4

Backman John married Wakefield miner b/2

Bale Frank married Wakefield lumberman W

Bamers Joe married Tula Woodsman'

Baudette Dennis H married Thomaston lineman g/1 b/2

            Beaudette Leo laborer Superior Wis

            Beaudette Florence student Marquette Mich

            Beaudette Gerald laborer Thomaston

Bohman Louis Thomaston Woodsman

Brace Fred Thomaston scaler

Brandt Fred married Wakefield lumberman

      Brandt Harold student home

Brickey A T married Jack& Spur woodsman g/1 b/1

Brown Fred G married Planter mill opr b/1

Bye August married Tula woodsman g/1


Cassidy James Tula Woodsman

Coffee Norman married Jacks Spur invalid g/2 b/2

Cox John married Thomaston woodsman g/2 b/1


Defer Henry married Planter mill man

Diotte Arsidas Thomaston laborer


Erickson Leonard Tula laborer

Ethier George married Tula soft drink parlor g/1


Frederickson Oscar married Thomaston machinist g/1 b/1

      Frederickson Charlotte student Marquette Mich

      Frederickson Carl student W H 8


Gembolis Anton married Wakefield farmer g/8 b4

      Gembolis Anton student W H S

Georgeson Martin married Thomaston woodsman g/1

Gratto Alec married Thomaston railroader

Grayson Claude married Thomaston railroader b/1

Green Emil Thomaston clerk Hamlin


Edgar married Thomaston lumberman b/1


Hanson Martin married Wakefield farmer

Harjunen Jacob married Wakefield farmer g5 b/4

       Harjunen Jack laborer home


Hart William married Jacks Spur lumberman

Hautala Kate Mrs Wakefield farm g/1 b/3

Heller Fred married Wakefield lumberman g/1

Hongisto Jack Wakefield farmer

Hongisto Nick married Wakefield farmer g/2 b/1

Hopkins L D married Planter laborer

Huhtala Ida Mrs Ramsay housewife g/2

Huhtala Urho married Ramsay farmer g/1 b/1


Jacobson John married Thomaston retired g/3 b/1

      Jacobson Carl laborer home

      Jacobson Axel laborer home

Jacobson Otto Thomaston laborer

Jarvenpaa Nick married Wakefield farmer g/2 b/3

      Jarvenpaa Tauno laborer home

Johnson Charles married Verona miner g/4 b/4

      Johnson Edwin laborer home

Johnson John married Wakefield farmer

      Johnson Elias laborer home

      Johnson William salesman home

     Johnson Charles laborer home


Keckonen Paul H married Thomaston railroader

Koski Jack married Wakefield farmer g/2

         Koski Leonard laborer home

Koski Sulo married Wakefield g/2 b/1 laborer

Kronberg Andrew married Thomaston farmer

      Kronberg William farmer home

      Kronberg George railroader home

      Kronberg Henry railroader home

      Kronberg John railroader home

      Kronberg Charles farmer home

      Kronberg Warner railroader home

Kujanen Nels married Wakefield farmer

Kulikowski Mike married Wakefield farmer

Laberdie Noah F married Thomaston railroad man

      Laberdie Olive student Milwaukee Wis

Lehto Gust married Wakefield farmer

      Lehto Rudolph laborer home

Levanduski Walter married Thomaston railroad man g/'2 b/1

Londo Henry married Jacks Spur woodsman g/2 b/1

Loumanpera Oscar married Wakefield farmer b/1

      Loumanpera Ole student Chicago 111


        Loumanpera Andrew laborer home

        Loumanpera Nels laborer home


Maki John W married Wakefield farmer b/1

Mattila Mike married Wakefield farmer g/1 b/2

        Mattila Eino laborer home

Momberg Charles Wakefield railroader

Moore Archie Thomaston telegrapher

Moore Fred Tula retired

Morrison Henry married Tula section hand g/3 b/2

Nelson Emil married Wakefield laborer g/4 b/3


Nelson Nestor married Verona farmer g/2

      Nelson Elsie stenographer W H S

Newman Burl married Thomaston laborer g/1 b/2

Newman Elizabeth Mrs Thomaston housewife

Niemi Oscar married Wakefield Plymouth loc farmer g/1 b/2

      Niemi Reino laborer home

Nikula Eric married Wakefield farmer

        Nikula Arthur farmer home

        Nikula Arnie mechanic home

        Nikula Ella teacher Verona

        Nikula Ethel stenographer Wakefield

        Nikula Gertrude student W H S

        Nikula Mildred student W H 8

Nordin John married Wakefield farmer b/1

      Nordin Enor laborer home

      Nordin Iver laborer home


Pelshaw Dave married Thomaston railroad g/2 b/2

Pitkanen Andrew married. Ramsay farmer g/1 b/1

Pollard John married Thomaston railroader g/1 b/1

Porter Joseph D married Thomaston R R agent b/1

      Porter Wallace laborer home

      Porter Agnes student W H S

Potwine, John married Thomaston woodsman b/2