1928 Town Pence Wisconsin

Alphabetical listings of residents and businesses

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Township Officers

Chairnian: George Geshel.

Clerk Daniel Zeni.

Treasurer: Mrs. Bertha Zandi.

Assessor: Matt Giovanani.

Supervisors Joseph Orsoni, Anton Reinerie.



Joint District No. 1,

 Hurley, Montreal, Pence, Kimball and Oma.

Director, R. A. Angst;

 Clerk, E. H. Reid;

Treas., E. J. Gibbons.

School: Pence School, Principal, Hilda Lake.



KunzIer Gus


Soft Drink Parlors

Bertagnolle Clement, Bloomquist Clarence,

Winkoski P, Chipuzio A B,

Rexoll Charles


Stores: General; Meats

Bertagnolia George; Brackett John


RESIDENTS:          b/ & g/ =   boys & girls under the age of 16 years, living at home.

Alfonsi Frank married Pence miner g/3 b/2

Alfonsi Phillip married Pence miner g/1 b/3

    Alfonsi Paul home

    Alfonsi John home

Alfonso Frank married Pence miner g/3 b/1

    Alfonso Xavior student home

Alfonso James married Pence miner g/4

    Alfonso Paula teacher Washburn Wis

Anderson Rudolph married Montreal miner g/1

Andrizzie Benjamen married Pence laborer

    Andrizzie Mary home

    Andrizzie Angeline home

    Andrizzie Anton R R eng Stevens Point Wis

    Andrizzie Dave home

Andrizzie Ben Jr married Pence laborer b/1


Banavetti Anton married Pence pipe man g/2 b/1

Bartolini Dom married Pence janitor

    Bartolini John barber home

    Bartolini Anna domestic home


Beletto Peter Mrs married Pence housewife g/1 b/1

    Beletto Mary teacher Sand Rock Mich

Bellenger Thomas L married Pence pumpman g/2 b/2

    Bellenger Thomas home

    Bellenger Leona waitress Ironwood Mich

Bertagnolia George R married Pence merch b/5

Bertagnolle Clement married Pence soft drink parlor

    Bertagnolle Adolph teacher home

    Bertagnolle Linda teacher home

Bertaline Peter married Pence pumpinan g/2 b/3

Bertolini Anton married Pence pipenian g/2 b/2

Blitz Charles married Pence foreman g/2 b/I

    Blitz Jennie home

Bloomquist Clarence married Pence soft drink parlor

Bodinet Joseph married Pence Janitor

Bologni Joseph married Pence miner

Bracket John married Pence merch b/l

Bracket John B married Pence miner g/l b/1

Bracket Peter maried Pence farmer

    Bracket Minnie domestic Wawatosa

    Bracket John clerk Wakefield Mich

    Bracket Louis teamster home

    Bracket Peter sailor Philippine Isl

Brignoli Alex married Pence miner g/3

Byma Enrico married Pence lander b/1

Byma Steve married Pence eng g/2 b/1


Calligaro Fred married Pence tractor driver g/I

Cbipuzio Anton B married Pence soft drink parlor g/l

   Cbipuzio Dominic laborer Pence twsp

    Chipuzio Catherine student Superior Wis

Chipuzio Dom B married Pence punpnan b/2

    Chipuzio Batista miner Pence twsp

Cliipuzio John 11 married Pence eng g/1 )) I

    Chipuzio Mary domestic home

Chipuzio William married Pence sec laborer

Chipuzio William married Pence sec laborer g/l

    Chipuzio Margaret home

    Chipuzio Francis home

    Chipuzio Florence home

Corchiatto Frank married Pence miner g/2 b/1

    Corchiatto Santa stenographer ]ionic

Cortichiati Julius married Pence miner g/2 b/2

Cortichiati Lawrence laborer home

Cortichiati Angeline home Cortichiati Madiline home

Cossetti Victor married Pence miner g/2 b/2

Cossetti Raymond chauffeur Pence twsp


Demarke, Mary B Mrs Pence housewife g/1 b/2

    Demarke Paul electrician home

    Demarke Mary teacher home

      Correction: Demarke, Mary nurse home

    Demarke Elizabeth nurse home

      Correction: Demarke Elizabeth teacher home

      corrections made by: Paul Claflin, son of Mary Demarke


    Demarke Phillip student home

    Demarke Anton electrician home

Dupan Louis married Pence farmer

    Dupan Fred farmer home

    Dupan William farmer home


Fedell John D married Pence highway Commis g/1

    Fedell Seveno blacksmith Nebraska

    Fedell Erwin miner home

    Fedell Serini factory emp Milwaukee Wis

    Fedell Mary home

Fibbrey Chester married Pence motorman b/1

    Fibbrey Lumbando Gust miner Pence

Fontano Anton married Pence miner g/2 b/3


Gallo Jim Montreal

Gertzle John married Pence laborer

    Gertzle Anna student Superior Wis

Geshel George married Pence

    Geshel William laborer home

    Geshel Joseph truck driver home

    Geshel, John mechanic Hurley Wis

    Geshel Emma housekeeper Pence

Giovanni Mathew Pence chemist

Giovanni Samuel married Pence miner

    Giovanni Samuel pumpman home

    Giovanni Minnie home

    Giovanni Delia home

Grosso Barney married Pence miner g/2


Jacobs James married Pence laborer

    Jacobs James teamster home

    Jacobs John teamster home

    Jacobs William section laborer home

Johnson John married farmer Montreal g/1

Johnson Peter married Montreal farmer b/2

Johnson William Montreal farmer


Kamppi William Montreal married minor g/2

    Kamppi Florence home

    Kamppi Henry home

Kunzler Gust married Pence shoemaker

Lukas Ira Pence student


Maffasanti Andrew married Montreal pipeman g/I b/2

Magni Albert A married Pence pipeman g/1 b/3

Maki Henry married Pence miner g/1

Marchetti Katrina Mrs Pence housewife

Marchetti Philomeni married Pence housewife

    Marchetti Earnest miner home



Mather Joe C married Pence motorman g/1

McKinley Jack Montreal teamster

Miller Joe married Pence sampler

    Miller Carl laborer home

Milo John married Pence surface hand

Morgando Louis married Pence pipe fitter g/2 b/3


Nemic Joseph C married Pence machinist g/1 b/2

Oliver John B married Pence miner b/2

Orsoni Batista married Pence miner g/2

    Orsoni Michael student home

    Orsoni Mary home

Orsoni Joseph A married Pence miner g/1 b/1

    Orsoni Frances home

    Orsoni Madeline home

    Orsoni Lucy teacher Minn

    Orsoni Gndreance home

Peschelli Peter married Pence miner g/1 b/1

Peterson Hans Pence teamster


Reinero Anton married Pence farmer

    Reinero Peter swamper home

    Reinero Louis laborer home

Reinero Batista married Pence sup g/3 b/1

    Reinero Albert swamper home

    Reinero James teacher Whitewater Wis

    Rinero Mary domestic Pence

Reinero Dominic married Pence ca. e tender b/1

Reinero Dom A married Pence foreman g/2 b/3

Rexoll Charles married Pence soft drink parlor g/1

Roy Anna Mrs married Pence housewife

    Roy Frank teamster

Settich Louis married miner g/1

Smith Michael B married Montreal mechanic g/2 b/1

    Smith Gerard student Pence twsp

Swelkawitch Pauline Mrs g/2 b/2

Swelkawitch Madiline domestic home

Swelkawitch John teamster home


Taylor Jack Montreal P 0 teamster


Whentz Frank married farmer b/1

Wilson Herman married farmer

Winkoski Frank F married soft drink parlor


Zandi Bertha Mrs town treas g/2 b/2

Zandi Victor married lander b/1

Zandi Victor G married carpenter

    Zandi Arnold laborer home

    Zandi Louise domestic home

Zelibor Chas married fireman

Zeni Dan married miner g/1

Zeni John Mrs housewife