1928 Hurley Wisconsin

Alphabetical listings of residents and businesses

Gogebic Range city  Directories



1928 Directory of Residents:

  b/ & g/ = number of male & female

 children under 16 years of age and living at home.



Abner, David Division St salesman

Abrahamson, Andrew married 15 Copper St

Accorsi, Anna Mrs 2nd Ave Iron St

       Accorsi, Joseph carpenter home

       Accorsi, Lyda saleslady Ironwood home

       Accorsi, Mary home

Adler, H married 29 3rd Ave Poplar St salesman

Aho, Mary Mrs 48 3rd Ave g/1

       Aho, Esther clerk home

       Aho, Leah bookkeeper home

       Aho, John mechanic home

       Aho, Jennie student home

Alhasini, Theodore 1st Ave S miner

Allen, Wm J Mrs 65 Silver St owner of Quick Cafe b/1

       Allen, Frank plumber home

       Allen, Sarah waitress home

       Allen, William waiter home

Alleva, Filippe married 44 1st Ave N g/1 b/1

       Alleva, Josie clerk home

Alleva, Philip soft drinks 38 Silver

American Ry Express Co 5th Ave

Anderson, Andrew married 11 Germania Loc miner

Aspinwall, James P 15 Maple St mgr Oil Co

Astor, James married 31 5th Ave N ins agent b/1

       Astor, Isabelle student Superior Wis

Ave, Inis Mrs 28 5th Ave N housewife g/2 b/1

Ayola, Erick married 3rd Ave N prop of restaurant


Baldovin, Asio 123 Silver St mason

Baldovin, Gilio 123 Silver St mason

Bank Soft Drink Parlor

Barbara, Felippe married Germania Loc miner b/3

Barbara, Angelo married 45 2nd Ave N miner g/4

Bardesono, Givanna Mrs 41 Copper St g/2

       Bardesono, Amanda home

       Bardesono, Rose domestic home

Barnabo, John married 54 Division St miner

       Barnabo, Dan butcher home

Baron, August married Germania Loc miner

       Baron, Ben miner home

       Baron, Roy miner home

       Baron, Leona home

Baron, Charles married Germania Loc miner g/1

Baron, Paul Mr 37 3rd Ave mine pipe man b/1

Barto, John married Germania Loc C & N W RR emp

       Barto, Stanley teamster home

Barto, John J married 63 6th Ave S RR section foreman g/1

Bartola, Joseph married 37 7th Ave N miner b/1

Bartz, H H Gogebic Cafe musician

Baruzzi, James married 54 Poplar St 6th Ave N g/1 b/1

Becker, H E 29 Maple St Register of Deeds

Bertagnoli, Wm married 23 6th Ave N contractor g/3 b/1

Bertolone, Barney married 33 4th Ave N butcher g/1

Bertone, Victor married 19 Maple St businessman

Bertotti, Louis married 85 2nd Ave mason b/1

Bertotti, Tino

Bertotti, Augustina clerk home

Betanti, Sam married 33 1st Ave N N W car repair man g/5

       Betanti, Joseph clerk home

Betanti, Paul First Ave N

Bex, Frank 115 Silver St cook

Bigos, Steve 48 1st Ave

Bino, John married 119 Silver St policeman g/4 b/1

Blatz Val Brewing Co Silver

Blonigen, Regina 32 Iron St housekeeper

Bonacci, Andrew married Maple St RR car repairer g/1 b/2

BONACCI, M J married 27 2nd Ave N doctor g/1

BONACCI, M J doctor off 97 Silver

Bonacci, Nicholas married 1st Ave N farmer

       Bonacci, Mary clerk home

       Bonacci, Rose home

Bonacci, Peter married 5 Maple St boiler maker b/1

Bonafin, Elvira Mrs 19 Granite St keeps roomers g/1

Bonetti, John married Division St 5th Ave g/1

Bonetti, John 115 Silver soft drinks

Bonino, Charles married Oak St banker

       Bonino, Rose housekeeper

Boretti, Theo P married 63 2nd Ave N foreign S S agt g/2 b/2

Boretti, Theo P off Paul bldg /

Borgo, Peter married 22 2nd Ave N C & N W RR b/1

       Borgo, Mary stenographer Milwaukee Wis

       Borgo, Lena home

       Borgo, Savino home

Boriski, Alice Mrs Germania Loc

       Boriski, Charles Denver Colo

       Boriski, Frank miner home

       Boris, Peter miner home

Bovich, Joseph married 41 Maple St confectioner b/1

Bowden, Jennie 2nd Ave N

Boyington, C K married 27 3rd Ave N bookkeeper

       Boyington, Agnes Ass't Princ County Normal Ashland Wis

       Boyington, Georgiana Prin Junior High School home

       Boyington, Bessie teacher home

       Boyington, James mason home

Brack, John married Silver St shoe store prop g/1

BRADISH, JOHN H married 28 Poplar St banker b/1

       Bradish, Lillian P student U of N D

Bradley, Ida Miss 10 Maple St county sup of schools Iron Co

Bradley, Henry 10 Maple St home

Brayton, Leo C married 22 Oak St hdwr dealer b/1

Brennen, Leo married 6th Ave S painter g/1

Brievold, Jensen married E Granite St Tasty Bakery prop g/1

Brown, Tony married 22 Silver St

Bruley, John Burton Hotel

Bruno, Frank married lst Ave N iron moulder

       Bruno, Desolyn clerk home

Buckner, Anna Mrs 1st Ave N domestic g/3 b/1

Burton Hotel Califano, John 20 Silver St


California House 10 Granite St

Calligaro, Mary Mrs 31 Iron St g/1

       Calligaro, Mary bookkeeper home

Calvetti, George married 48 lst Ave Copper St Iron Co Garage g/1 b/1

Calvetti, Mary Mrs 2 Copper St housewife

       Calvetti, Leopold mechanic home

Cameron, Mauley E married 36 2nd Ave N logger b/1

       Cameron, Bernice teacher Hinkle Wis

       Cameron, Ethel teacher Van Buskirk

       Cameron, Dora stenographer Ironwood

       Cameron, Leona student home

Camponeschi, Michael married 53 9th Ave S laborer g/2 b/4

Cappo, John 1st Ave teamster

Carbin, Toney 59 Silver St waiter

Carerilla, S married Walter's Flat Highway 51 fur buyer g/2

Carlotto, Domenic 71 2nd Ave N mason

CARLSON, WALTER grocer 104 Silver St

Carson, Harold D married 45 Iron St street car motorman g/1

Carter, Henry married 18 Maple St b/2

Caruso, Frank married 41 Poplar St g/4 b/2

Caruso, Josephine married 61 2nd Ave N grocer g/1 b/2

       Caruso, Patritto Felix janitor home

       Caruso, Madaline domestic home

Caruso, Orazio married Iron St g/1

Caruso, Sabatino married Maple St miner g/2 b/2

Casanova, Theresa Mrs 50 Maple St housewife g/5 b/4

Casari, Virginio married 35 7th Ave N g/1 b/1

CASTAGNA, CHARLES married 39 Poplar St druggist g/5 b/2

Castagna, C City Drug Store prop Silver

Castagna, Tito married 39 Copper St g/1 b/3

Castagna, Louis married 3rd Ave & Maple St g/2 b/1

Castagna, Seraphino married 2nd Ave N g/3 b/2

Castagna, Joseph student home

Cattoi, David married 40 Copper St gas station prop

       Cattoi, Louise reporter Milwaukee

       Cattoi, Isadore mechanic home

       Cattoi, Nostra teacher Buenos Ayres S A

Cattoi, Louis married 40 Copper St auto accessory shop prop b/1

Coughlin, P S married 29 5th Ave N motorcycle agency

Cavosie, Joseph married 9th Ave Division St stone mason g/1 b/1

       Cavosie, Felix student home

       Cavosie, Frank gas station prop home

Celello, Angelo married 6 2nd Ave N laborer g/5 b/2

CHARBONNEAU, ANNA Mrs 3rd Ave Maple St

CHARBONNEAU, JOSEPH married 64 Silver St furn & undertaking

Chartier, Ben married 47 Maple St skip tender g/1 b/1

Chartier, Charles married 5 Poplar St fireman (mine) g/1

       Chartier, Maude milliner Chicago

Chartier, Henry married Division St truck driver

Cheslock, Mary Mrs 10th Ave S

       Cheslock, Florian (grandson) home

Cheslock, Walter 10th Ave S see laborer

Chiapuzio, Mary Mrs 46 Copper St g/2

Chicago Northwestern Ry Co

Chichese, James married 12 Iron St g/2 b/3

       Chichese, Patsy Reno Nev

       Chichese, Theresa student home

Chiolino, James married 54 8th Ave S blacksmith

Chiolino, John married 58 8th Ave S blacksmith g/1 b/1

Chiono, Madeline Mrs 57 6th Ave S

       Chiono, Margaret teacher home

Chop Suey House

Christensen, Christ married 122 Silver St Hardware Co

Christensen, Jens married 38 9th Ave N miner

       Christensen, Oscar student home

Chutich, Dan married 9 Poplar St laborer g/3 b/2

Cirilli, Horatio married 57 2nd Ave N restaurant g/1 b/2

       Cirilli, Armand student Madison

       Cirilli, Edith student home


City Hotel 49 Silver

City Tire Shop 71 Silver

Cleary, M J Mrs 56 4th Ave S

Cleary, Olive 56 4th Ave S teacher

Clifford, Vincent Mr 33 3rd Ave N cigar mfgr g/1

Colasaceo, Santo married Iron St g/1 b/2

Colenso, John H married 37 2nd Ave N miner g/1 b/1

       Colenso, June teacher home

       Colenso, John Jr student home

Community Ice Cream Parlor Silver

Conhartowski, Mary S Mrs 51 10th Ave S b/l

       Conhartowski, Joseph home

       Conhartowski, Mary home

Connors, H F married Germania Loc high school prin b/2

Connors, M J 28 4th Ave N

       Connors, Howard teacher home

Consie, Adolph married Germania Loc plumber

Constantini, Peter married I Poplar St g/2 b/2

Corcoran, James 25 Copper St motorman L S D P Co

Costantini, Peter married 6 Silver St g/2 b/2

County Infirmary

       Beek, Kate widow cook b/1

       Beek, Lloyd soldier Chicago

       Hendrickson, Henry

       Latti, Charles

       Lindberger, Anthony

       Liston, William

       Oberg, Emil cook

       Sager, Margaret widow

       Williams, John

Cox, Harry married Germania Loc miner g/1 b/2

Cox, James married Germania Loc farmer

       Cox, Charles miner home

Coxey, Charles married 10 Ave N traffic off

Coxey, Prank married Germania Loc miner b/1

Coxey, John married 38 2nd Ave N miner g/3 b/3

Coxey, Mary Mrs Germania Loc b/2

       Coxey, Wallace miner home

       Coxey, Clyde student home

Crozena, John married 55 Poplar St section emp g/1

       Crozena, Francisco domestic Italy

Czech, John married 37 Poplar St miner g/3 b/1


Dahl, Charles married 34 9th Ave N gas station emp g/1

       Dahl, John home

Dahl, Nick married 47 Copper St farmer g/1 b/2

       Dahl, Arvo laborer home

Dahlbacka, Siema Germania Loc maid

Dahlbacka, Vernno 66 5th Ave S maid

Dalbec, Matt married 12 Copper St painter

       Dalbec, Erwin student home

       Dalbec, Clarence home

Dalpiaz, Joseph married 80 2nd Ave S g/3 b/1

       Dalpiaz, Max plumber home

       Dalpiaz, Louis mechanic home

Da Pra, Louis 123 Silver St, mine motorman

Dardas, Frank 8th Ave N mine policeman

Dary, Dolors married Walters Flat Highway 51

Davey, John married 60 2nd Ave N

De Carlo, Charles married 14 Maple St miner b/3

De Carlo, Nick married 28 Germania Loc miner g/l b/1

De Franco, Dirgo married 50 7th Ave N miner

       De Franco, Joseph student home

De Gorgo, Domenic married 51 9th Ave S miner g/5 b/5

Delfonso, Frank married 1 Maple St miner

       Delfonso, Celia housework Hurley Wis

Delleva, Nick married 6 Ave S mason

De Lorem, Edward married 81 Silver St janitor

Demasi, Ralph 17 Silver St grocer

De Meio, Emanuel married 36 Copper St foreign S S agency g/2 b/2

De Rubeis, Peter married 19 Maple St draftsman g/1

Devine, Adam married 7 Oak St surveyor

       Devine, J R timber cruiser home

       Devine, C H timber cruiser home

       Devine, Harvey W timber cruiser home

       Devine, Edna beauty specialist home

Di Giorgio, Agatino married 7th Ave N miner b/2

Di Matteo, John married 31 4th Ave N confectioner b/1

Dirtz, Alta 62 Fifth Ave S teacher

Di Ulio, Agatha soft drinks 14 Silver

Di Ulio, Charles married 35 Copper g/1 b/1

Di Ulio, Gust married 1st Ave N g/1

Di Ulio, Joseph married 33 5th Ave Maple St b/l

       Di Ulio, Hugo student Madison Wis

       Di Ulio, Mary student Superior Wis

       Di Ulio, John student home

Dockery, John 59 Silver St woodsman

Donna, Kate Mrs 29 5th Ave N housewife g/1

Donna, Joseph meter reader home

Downs, M E single 30 4th Ave N salesman

Dol Boni, Gaeto married 44 Silver St

       Dol Boni, Destefani John tire repairer home

Dresely, John married 10 Copper A

       Dresely, Edgar mechanic home

       Dresely, George welder Waukegan Ill

Du Pont E I de Nemours Powder C


1928 Hurley Wisconsin E thru J


Alphabetical listings of residents and businesses 

Gogebic Range city  Directories



City of Ironwood Michigan 1928 Directory of Residents:

  b/ & g/ = number of male & female children under 16 years of age and living at home.


Eat Restaurant

Eddy, Thomas R married 18 Poplar St miner g/2 b/1

       Eddy, Martha teacher home

Egan and Reardon grocers

Egan, T F Mr 29 2nd Ave N grocer

Egler, Joseph married Iron St 6th Ave

       Egler, Max taxi driver Ironwood Mich

       Egler, George miner home

       Egler, Frank labor home

Elder, Earl 29 Seventh Ave N telegraph opr

EMUNSON, FRITZ St married 20 Oak St job printer

Enderling, Minnie Mrs 73 Iron St

Enderling, Edward carpenter home

Endrezzi, Albino St married 38 Copper St carpenter b/2

Endrezzi, Angelo married 22 Ninth Ave N laborer g/2 b/2

Endrezzi, Anthony St Paul Minn

       Endrezzi, Mary Lu student Menominee Wis

       Endrezzi, Delphine student home

Endrezzi, Daniel married Copper St 5th Ave S confect g/l b/1

       Endrezzi, Ida clerk home

       Endrezzi, Irma clerk home

       Endrezzi, Esther clerk home

       Endrezzi, Leonard student home

       Endrezzi, Mildred home

Endrezzi, Fortunato married merch g/l b/2

Endrezzi, William J married 124 Silver St merch g/l b/1

Enriette, Anton married Maple St laborer g/l

       Enriette, Rose factory emp Kenosha Wis

Erspamer, Emil J married 46 7th Ave N dray line g/6 b/1

Erickson, Gust married 25 Copper St 3 Ave b/1

ERSPAMER, ANDY married 40 Poplar St barber g/1 b/3

Erspamer, Anna married 65 Iron St bookkeeper g/2 b/1

ERSPAMER, AUGUST E, married 32 Division St merch g/1 b/1

Erspamer, Lois student home

Erspamer barber shop 132 Silver

ERSPAMER BROS meats 1 Granite

Erspamer, Emil J married 46 7th Ave N dray line g/6 b/1

Erspamer, Florian married 13 Granite St miner

       Erspamer, Richard butcher home

       Erspamer, Fred butcher home

Erspamer, Frank married 13 7th Ave S billiard parlors g/3


ERSPAMER, HERMAN married 43 Maple St grocer g/3 b/2

Erspamer, Florence student nurse Ashland Wis

Erspamer, Leno married 44 Poplar St salesman g/1 b/3

Erspamer, Marie Mrs 56 5th Ave S

       Erspamer, Minnie clerk home

       Erspamer, Marie county nurse home

       Erspamer, Lucy nurse home

Erspamer, Robert student home

ERSPAMER, OTTO married 15 Granite St ass't bank cashier b/2

Erspamer, Robert married county jail 3rd Ave N undersheriff g/2


Fafford, Godfrey married 51 Iron St fireman g/1 b/1

Farrand, George Gogebic cafe musician

Fassino, William married 71 Iron St warehouseman b/3

Faul, Arthur 29 Copper St carpenter

Faul, Joseph 1st Ave S

       Faul, Edward teamster home

       Faul, Howard carpenter home

       Faul, Howard carpenter home (???)

       Faul, Claude home

       Faul, Florence housekeeper home

Federico, Domenic married 34 Maple St g/1

       Federico, Gildo student home

       Federico, Antonette student home

Fedrowski, Alice Mrs 27 4 Ave N housewife g/2

Fennell, Joseph married 43 3rd Ave N flagman

Ferro, Leo 50 Seventh Ave N student

Ferro, Louis Mr 51 Silver St b/1

Fish, Elizabeth Mrs Silver st

       Fish, Frances student nurse Ashland Wis

Fish, Victor 45 Copper St

FLANAGAN, J C married 56 4th Ave So ins & real estate agt

       Flanagan, George salesman Chicago Ill

       Flanagan, Joseph mining salesman New York City

       Flanagan, John salesman Chicago Ill

       Flanagan, Charles bookkeeper Chicago Ill

Flandrena, Anton Mr 8 Poplar St carpenter g/1 b/3

Flandrena and De Meio off 3rd Ave

Flandrena, James J Mr 11 3rd Ave N county judge g/2 b/1

Flandrena, Joseph J married 4th Ave s jeweler g/1

Flaiidrena, Katherine Mrs 34 lst Ave S

       Flandrena, John laborer home

Fontecchio, Louis married 65 2nd Ave N miner g/l b/1

Fontecchio, Sam married 3 Maple St miner g/1 b/1

Foster, Tillie Mrs 37 Iron St

       Foster, Atwood F E Mrs music teacher

FOSTER, WARREN B married 66 5th Ave S lawyer g/2

FRANCIS, JOSEPH married 28 Silver St g/2 b/1

       Francis, James student home

       Francis, Lena student home

FRIOLA, DOMENIC married 2nd Ave N electrician g/4

Friola, Mary Mrs Maple St 4th Ave housewife

       Friola, Mary bookkeeper home

       Friola, Clementina art supervisor home

       Friola, Desolene Cheyenne Wyo

       Friola, Florian home

Furyk, Nick married 27 Germania miner g/1 b/1


Galeatti, Theodore married 10th Ave N stone mason b/1

Galka, Sam married 121 Silver St b/2

Gamache, Thomas married 60 4th Ave S miner g/2 b/6

       Gamache, Bernard Hurley

Gardner, Clayton married 21 2nd Ave N truck driver g/1 b/1

Gardner, Herbert married 5 Oak St RR hostler g/2 b/1

Gardner, John Mrs 21 2nd Ave N cook

       Gardner, Luverne student nurse Ashland

       Gardner, Stevens Russell shingle baler Hurley

       Gardner, Lucille clerk Hurley

Gasparri, James married lst Ave S laborer g/2 b/6

       Gasparri, Brighenti Mary home

Gastaldi, Anton married 1st Ave S

       Gastaldi, Jennie home

       Gastaldi, Theresa bookkeeper home

       Gastaldi, Josephine waitress home

       Gastaldi, Anna student home

Gaudur, Robert G married 25 2nd Ave N express clerk b/1

Geach, Henry chemist Germania Loc

Geach, Thomas highway overseer Germania Loc

Geach, Arthur married 1 Germania Loc miner g/2 b/1

Geach, James married Germania Loc miner g/2 b/2

       Cox, Thomas creamery emp home

Geach, John married 4 Germania Loc blacksmith g/1 b/2

       Geach, Loretta student nurse Ashland

Gehrte, Rhiney W married 52 7th Ave N miner g/1 b/4

Gensti, Steve 22 6th Ave N woodsman

Gentile, Domenic married 24 Copper St g/2 b/1

GENTILE, FRANK married 30 Copper St Supreme Oil Co emp g/3 b/2

       Gentile, Clara student home

       Gentile, Nicholas student home

Gentile, John married 15 Poplar St g/2 b/1

Gersich, Edward married 32 Silver St

Gersich, John 27 Silver St

Gersich, Mary 68 7th Ave teacher

GERTZ, RASHA Mrs 70 Silver A

       Gertz, Michael doctor home

       Gertz, Mose furniture dealer home

       Gertz, Ben student Madison

GERTZ, MICHAEL Dr Seamens bldg Ironwood

GERTZ R & CO hdwr and furn Silver

Gheller, Frank married 4 Oak St teamster g/3

Gheller, Salvadore 4 Oak St mason helper

Giancola, Domenic married 4 Silver St grocer

Giancola, James married E Oak St

Gianunzio, Nick married 30 7th Ave N invalid b/2

       Gianunzio, Mario student Madison

       Gianunzio, Fausto student home

Gibbons, Frank married 64 7th Ave S lumber and fuel dealer g/1

GIBBONS, EDWARD J married 7th Ave S lumber and fuel dealer g/1

Gibbons, Mary Mrs 7th Ave Iron St housewife

       Gibbons, John lumber and fuel dealer home

Gimski, Frank J married 7 Maple St turbine eng

       Gimski, Francis student Ann Arbor Mich

Giovanini, Frank married 41 Maple St confectioner

Globe Meat Market 66 Silver St

Goodreau, Austin Silver St resort prop Winchester

Goodreau, William married 34 Silver St g/1

Goodreau, William Hotel Francise bldg

Graham, Cy Mrs 29 Silver St Papoose Lodge prop

Graiewski, Stanley married 64 5th Ave S farmer g/1 b/1

       Graiewski, Florence nurse St Paul Minn

       Graiewski, Angeline teacher home

       Graiewski, Rudolph U S Navy Mare Island Cal

Gredcavch, Mike married 40 Copper St

Gronfeldt, John Mrs 2nd Ave Silver St

Gruber, Joseph 39 3rd Ave Maple St house mover

       Gruber, Ambrose boiler laborer home

       Gruber, Andrew house mover Milwaukee

Gutowski, John married 19 Oak St powder man

       Gutowski, Peter steam shovel emp California

       Gutowski, Joseph home

       Gutowski, Stephen electrician California

       Gutowski, Roman electrician Peoria Ill

       Gutowski, Agatha stenographer Milwaukee

       Gutowski, Clara bookkeeper Milwaukee


HAGEN, EDW S married 54 4th Ave banker g/1

       Hagen, Forest E home

Haggerson, Arthur F married 111 Oak St jeweler g/4 b/1

Haglund, Mary L Mrs Germania Loc housewife

       Haglund, Esther teacher home

       Haglund, Alvin teacher home

       Haglund, Edward Armour & Co home

       Haglund, Enard Scott & Howe Lbr Co home

       Haglund, Everis student Superior Wis

       Haglund, Mary student home

Hakala, John married 21 Copper St g/1

Hakalahti, John single 91 Silver St

Hamilton, Mary 11 Copper St student

Hamlin, Nels married 51 Iron St

HANSEN, ADOLPH married 11 Division St mgr Lumber Yd Morgan Co

Harries, Chester L married 4th Ave S minister g/1 b/3

Harvey, Mabel Mrs 39 5th Ave N housewife

Hautke, Oscar 52 Silver St truck driver

Hein, Anna Mrs 46 2nd Ave N housewife

       Hein, Oswald bookkeeper home

Hein, John married 36 9th Ave N

Helli, Waino J married Oak St P 0 637 agricultural agent Iron Co

Hendrickson, Verner married 51 7th Ave N Pop Shop prop

Hercules Powder Company

Hill, Ida sheriff's off maid

HOLCOMB, MYRON D married 3rd Ave Maple St Mgr Twin City Iron Works

       Holcomb, Carroll home

Hoeft, Emil married 21 6th Ave N mail carrier g/1 b/1

Hollandsworth, H W Maple St jeweler

Hosking, John married 32 2nd Ave N miner b/1

Hoskins, Samuel Burton Hotel

Houlehan, Bernard Bernard St janitor

Houlehan, James S married Bernard St janitor g/1 b/2

Hoye, Jas E married 27 Iron St

       Hoye, Elizabeth bookkeeper home

       Hoye, Agnes teacher home

       Hoye, Margaret teacher Ely Minn

       Hoye, Eunis home

Hughes, Mary Mrs 20 Maple St housewife

       Hughes, Michael home

       Hughes, Jerry teamster home

Hulmquist, Emil Burton Hotel

Hunnokko, Sam married 13 Copper St

Hunt, Frank married 6 Magnetic St asst cashier bank

Hunt, Lloyd J married 30 4th Ave N clerk b/2

Hunt, William married 17 Poplar St sawyer

       Hunt, William soda fountain clerk home

       Hunt, Leo postal clerk home

       Hunt, Margaret J home

       Hunt, Thomas J typist home

Hunter, Frank Burton Hotel

Hurley Auto Supply Co 5th Ave and Silver


Hurley Electric and Battery Co

Hurley Municipal Water Supply Co



Hurley Steam Boiler Works

Hurley Tire Repair Shop


Iafalla, Joseph married 12 Silver St

Iafalla, John married 28 Copper St g/1 b/l

Iafalla, Joseph married 2nd Ave N confectioner

Inama, Scolastico Mrs 83 2nd Ave S

       Inama James home

Inabnit, John 50 9th Ave S laborer

Inch, Henry married 60 2nd Ave N steam shovel eng g/1

Interstate Bakery 74 Silver St

Iron Co Blacksmith Shop Granite

Iron Co Creamery

Iron Co Garage Copper




Ironwood House Silver


Jackson, Anna Mrs 47 Iron St

       Jackson, Ida home

Jackson, Thomas married 14 Division St painter

       Jackson, Louis painter home

       Jackson, Jacob home

Jarvis, Fred married 8 Iron St fireman (school)

Jastrom, John married 26 1st Ave N miner g/1

Jelinski, Joseph Jr married Oak St Stone mason g/2

Jelinski, Joseph Sr married 38 3rd Ave mason

       Jelinski, Florian undertaker home

       Jelinski, John mason home

       Jelinski, Jullia teacher home

Jewell, Francis M 14 Copper St librarian

Jewell, Robert W 14 Copper St laborer (S & 11 Lumber Co)

Jewell, R W married 25 Germania Loc miner g/1 b/1

       Jewell, Luther truck driver home

       Jewell, Hawkins Lucille Mrs Hurley

Johnson, Axel Burton Hotel

Johnson, Christ married 68 7th Ave S miner

Johnson, Dave married 24 Oak St carpenter g/2 b/1

Johnson, Earl 11 Copper St

Johnson, Edward married 9 Copper St 2nd Ave

Johnson, Hilma 68 7th Ave clerk

Johnson, Michael 56 4th Ave S salesman

Johnson, William married 10 Oak St mill teamster

Jones, Naomi 56 4th Ave S teacher

Jordon, Cleve married Germania Loc barber g/3 b/5

Jordan, Peter K married 15 Division St steamfitter g/2 b/2


1928 Hurley Wisconsin K thru Q


Alphabetical listings of residents and businesses 

Gogebic Range city  Directories


1928 Directory of Residents:


  b/ & g/ = number of male & female children under 16 years of age and living at home.


Kaartinen, Alfred married 47 Copper St mill emp and farmer g/3 b/1

       Kaartinen, Matt laborer home

       Kaartinen, Onni student home

Kalliomaa, Richard 3rd Ave Iron County Jail Sheriff

Kascielny, Michael married 26 1st Ave N teamster

       Kalcielny, John teamster home

Kasper, Frank married 48 7th Ave N Iron moulder g/1

Kelley, Cornelius married 21 Oak St tailor

Kelley, James 21 Oak St miner

Kelley, Maurice 21 Oak St miner

Kennedy, Alex married 36 4th Ave N

       Kennedy, Archie auto salesman )ionic

       Kennedy, Margaret home

Kieber, August Mr 28 5th Ave N miner b/1

Killinen, Fannie 60 5th Ave maid and student

Klosno, Michael married 18 Division St restaurant prop g/2 b/1

       Klosno, Michael Jr pool room prop Muskegan Mich

Kohl, Theodore married 58 5th Ave Iron St RR station agent

Komacevich, W married 19 6th Ave Division St cattle buyer g/4 b/4

Kostama, Helga Mrs 23 Copper St

Krause, August soft drinks 116 Silver

Krause, August married 17 Maple St RR emp

       Alice, Joseph truck driver home

       Alice, Ernest baker home

       Alice, John student home

Kuisisto, Gertrude 11 3rd Ave N student

Kumenius, Esther married Division St housewife

KYLE, JOHN O married 60 5th Ave Iron St Paul Dry Goods g/1 b/1


Laackonen, Olga 65 Iron St maid

Lacasse, Wilfred J married Walter Flat, Highway 51 woodsman g/1 b/1

La Faye, Clarence married 27 4th Ave N truck driver

LA Faye, Fenanise Mrs 89 Copper St

La Fave, Harry married 4 2nd Ave Iron St barber

La Fave, John married 39 2nd Ave N telegrapher g/1

La Fave, Joseph married 37 Poplar St merch

       La Fave, Merlin Chippewa Falls Wis

       La Fave, Leone student nurse Ashland Wis

La Faye, Max married Copper St

La Pave, Nelson married Silver St ice cream parlor prop

       La Fave, Leo clerk home

       La Pave, Joseph clerk home

La Pave, William J married 47 211d Ave N barber b/1

Lake Superior District Power Co 53 N 3rd Ave

Laland, John 125 Silver St

Lamarche, Albert 23 Poplar St  int dec, g/1 b/3

       Lamarche, Cyril St painter home

       Lamarche, Yvonne teacher home

       Lamarche, Ardel painter home

       Lamarche, Valmore home

Lambrix, George married 39 Maple St boilermaker g/2 b/1

Landry, married 65 3rd Ave S Church Sexton b/1

       Landry, Pecatti Clyde tire shop emp home

Lanzer, Ed married 9 Maple St

Lanzer, P J married 16 Division St auto salesman g/1

Larson, John Burton Hotel

Larson, L C married 5th Ave S Burton Hotel b/1

Lauger, Peter married Soo Annex 5th Ave N rooming house

Lavalle, David married 42 Poplar St carpenter g/1

Lavalle, Emelina City Hall

Laverdure, Anna Mrs 16 Poplar St housewife b/2

       Laverdure, Leo soldier

       Laverdure, Philip teamster home

Lawler, J H married 19 Copper St

       Lawler, Irene teacher home

       Lawler, Leonard theater prop Soo Ste Marie Canada

Lazzari, Louis married 25 Poplar St pool room clerk g/l b/1

Leach, Joseph married Germania Loc farmer

Ledvina, James married Box 123 Route 1 scaler g/3 b/2

Lee John, 7 Silver St prop of Yuen Tung Cafe

       Lee, Sam

       Lee, Su

Le Gendre, Elizabeth Mrs 4th Ave and Poplar St

Leichtnam, Belle K Mrs 29 Iron St

Leichtnam, De Lacy married 29 Iron St brakeman b/1

Leichtnam, Leroy married 33 Iron St logger g/4 b/2

Lenarduzzi, Achille married 46 Poplar St marble worker g/1

Lennon Iron St and 4th Ave g/1 b/2

LENNON, W T atty at law home

Lennon, Mayme teacher home

Lennon, Aval teacher home

Lepino, Vincent married Division St miner g/1 b/4

Lerza, Remegio married 14 Oak St

       Lerza, Fred student home

Lerza, Sam married 2nd Ave N merch g/2

       Lerza, Eugene ins agent home

Levra, George married 7th Ave Division St laborer

Lietza, Peter married 4th Ave N miner g/2 b/4

Lombardo, Peter 50 Poplar St miner b/2

Lopez, Louis married 66 Silver St meat inerch g/1 b/1

Lopez, Sam married 16 Maple St grocer g/2

       Lopez, Louis grocer home

       Lopez, Anthony home

Loreti, Evangelista married 119 Silver St b/1

Luby, Edward married 37 Maple St miner g/1


Maddern, Hannah Mrs R F D No 3 Box 1 housewife b/1

       Maddern, William carpenter Ironwood

       Maddern, Joseph miner Montreal

Maenpaa, Lempi 57 4th Ave SS student

Mahosky, Frank Mrs married 25 3rd Ave N

       Mahosky, Lavigne Gertrude beauty culturist Milwaukee

Makela, Victor Mrs married 38 5th Ave N logger

Maki, Solomon Mrs married 81 2nd Ave S farmer b/1

Malenck, Emil J Mrs married 27 Poplar St miner g/1 b/2

Marchello, Anthony married 71 2nd Ave N blacksmith g/4

Mariner, Clara 63 5th Ave S social worker

Mark, Ben married 36 Maple St scrap iron dealer b/2

Mark, Hyman M married 54 Maple St scrap iron works g/3 b/1

Markich, Peter married 57 Copper St

Martella, Peter married 22nd Ave S hoisting eng Ottowa Minn

MARTINETTI, MARTIN married 74 Silver St g/3 b/1

Martini, Fred married 20 Division St butcher g/1 b/1

Martini, Joseph married 14 Poplar St butcher g/2 b/1

Martini, Lucille 40 Poplar St maid

Martini & Trolla grocers 54 Silver St

Martini, Valentina Mr 46 Poplar St

Mattson, Victor Silver St Montreal house

Matusewic, Steve married 55 4th Ave S

       Matusewic, Joseph teacher Hurley

       Matusewic, Clara student Superior

Maye, Henry married 28 Oak St barber b/1

Mayer, Pearl 62 5th Ave S teacher

Mayben, St J married 6th Ave N ins agent b/2

       Mayhen, Eileen student Burley

Mayhen, Fred married 30 Division St machinist

McCauley, Charles married 26 Iron St RR emp g/3 b/1

       McCauley, Lorraine clerk Hurley

McConnell, Nell 62 5th Ave S milliner

McDonald, Mary Mrs 40 2nd Ave N housewife

       Tucker, Ethel

McDonald, Robert married 84 2nd Ave Copper St blacksmith

       Chamberlain, Arthur scaler home

McGillis, Hector married 49 1st Ave S

McGoorty, Edward married 59 Silver St

McIntyre, Harry married 25 3rd Ave Copper St machinist g/3 b/2

McKay, James married 41 2nd Ave N eng

McRae, Helen 68 7th St teacher

McDaniels, Joseph married 11 Silver St Meade Henry 65 5th Ave

       Meade, Michael Milwaukee

MEADE, JAMES married 24 Iron St, wholesale grain dealer

Meade, Patrick married 5th Ave S salesman

Mehnert, George married 62 Maple St Iron County Cry

Mehnert, Paul E married 54 5th Ave S Iron County Cry g/1 b/2

Meier, Harry married 64 Silver St undertaker

Melvin, R E Gentile bldg teacher

Menapace, Mario Marichetti bakery baker

Meyer, Rev P J 32 Iron St Roman Catholic priest

Mikovich, Ambrose married 31 Maple St miner g/1 b/2

Miller, Abe married 4 Poplar St merch

       Miller, Israel salesman Hurley

Miller, John 40 Silver St

Minuzzo, Olindo married 55 6th Ave S

Moccardine, Archie grocers 64 Carey

Moncan, Anthony 52 Silver St Montreal Mining Co


Morella, R married 53 8th Ave section worker g/3 b/4


Morgan, Michael F married 53 3rd Ave N mgr Morgan Lumber Co

Morgan, Neil 59 Silver St porter

Morichetti, Amedio married 56 Maple St baker g/1 b/1

Morris, John married 34 Oak St salesman g/5

Morris, Thomas married 40 9th Ave N

Morris, Marian Hurley Mosele Andrew married 6 Magnetic St

Mrdjnovich, Bogo married 28 Division St cook g/2 b/5

Muehl, John dentist 3rd Ave & Silver

Muehl, John W married 42 Maple St dentist'

Murphy, J E 28 4th Ave N supt of schools

Murphy, Joseph 66 2nd Ave N miner

Murphy, Peter married 66 2nd Ave N miner b/1

       Murphy, Mary E teacher Glendive Mont

       Murphy, Margaret R student superior Wis

Murphy, P J 66 2nd Ave N miner

Mussell, Florence Germania Loc student

Mustapaa, Mary Mrs 128 Silver St restaurant owner


Nabniet, John married 55 Copper St C & N W Ry emp

Nagley, Dorothy 2nd Ave N

Nashlund, George married 44 Germania Loc mechanic g/1 b/2

       Nashlund, Marie waitress Hurley

Nechat, George married 24 2nd Ave N confectioner g/2 b/4

       Nechat, Anna teacher Winnetka Ill

       Nechat, Michael Muskegon Mich

       Nechat, Mary student Hurley

Nelmark, Ely married 11 Copper St miner

Nelson, Aleck married Germania Location miner

       Nelson, Everis linotype opr Hurley

Nelson, John married 29 9th Ave N farmer

       Nelson, Martin laborer Hurley

       Nelson, John L teamster Hurley

       Nelson, Marius Hurley

Nelson, Olaf married 6th Ave Copper St, section emp

Nelson, Roderick married 69 5th Ave S lumber scaler g/l b/2

Nevela, Elvira 65 5th Ave S maid

New Central Buffet Silver St

Newett, Mary Mrs 17 Copper St housewife

       Newett, Mayme V school Librarian home

Nicholson, 3rd Ave & Iron St

       Nicholson, Nell hat shop I Hurley

       Nicholson, James home

       Nicholson, Sarah teacher Milwaukee

       Nicholson, Kathleen teacher St Louis Mo

Nolan, Frank married 16 Iron St 3rd Ave boarding house

Noren, Chas St married E Granite St county clerk

Noren, Herbert married E Granite St freight depot cashier

NORMAN AUTO CO garage 51 3rd Ave

NORMAN, B married garage prop

       Norman, Mabel bookkeeper Tucson Ariz

       Norman, Lawrence bookkeeper Hurley

NORMAN, BYRON E married 44 Maple St mechanic b/2

NORMAN, HAROLD St married 44 Maple St auto salesman

Noskoviak, Sam married 59 2nd Ave N section foreman g/2 b/3

       Noskoviak, Leo tel opr Marshall Minn

       Noskoviak, Helen stenographer Hurley

Novascone, Josie Mrs 16 Copper St housewife

Nystrom, Frieda 29 Iron St housekeeper


OBERTONE, PHILIP married 42 1st Ave N merch Hurley meats & groceries g/1

Office Soft Drink Parlor Silver

O'Hara, Patrick married 63 Iron St minor

O'Leary, James married 63 6th Ave S section laborer

O'Leary, Nell Mrs Germania Loc housewife

       O'Leary, John carpenter home

       O'Leary, Mayme invalid Bayfield Wis

       O'Leary, Nell clerk home

Odorizzi, Herman married 45 Poplar St carpenter b/1

       Odorizzi, Charles teller home

       Odorizzi, Leno clerk home

Oliver, Sam 123 Silver St

Olson, Andrew married 4 Magnetic St mgr Chequamegon Ice Co

       Olson, Frank student Madison Wis

Olson, Casper 45 Copper St

Oman, Nick married Germania Loc g/1 b/1

Omelian, Mary Mrs Soo Annex 5th Ave N housewife g/4 b/2

       Omelian, Edward

       Omelian, John student Ironwood Mich

Oravala, John married 37 Copper St Invalid

Oravala, Zachary married 49 Silver St

Orbik, Mary Mrs Gerniania Loc housekeeper

       Orbik, Gudlowski Anna clerk Duluth Minn

Organist, Frank married Germania Loc g/3 b/1

       Organist, Frank salesman home

       Organist, Mary student home

Osness, Jess married 24 1 St Ave N barber g/1

Osterberg, Gunnard married 69 2nd Ave N mechanic g/l

Ottawa Mine Company

Otis, Gilbert married 43 Poplar St teamster g/2

       Otis, Cecelia home


Page, Henry married 30 9th Ave N car inspector g/2 b/1

Palmirri, Angelo married 12 Silver St

Pascuzzi, John married Division St RR emp C & N W

       Pascuzzi, Steve student home

Patritto, Bernard married 7 Poplar St warehouse emp

Patritto, John grocer Silver St

Patritto, John married 27 1st Ave N grocer g/2 b/1

       Patritto, Jennie clerk home

       Patritto, Felix teamster home

Paul Palace restaurant Ill Silver

PAUL, R MR 60 5th Ave Iron St Paul's Dry Goods Co

PAUL, R dry goods Silver St

Pawlicki, Hipolit married 8 Copper St g/1 b/2

       Pawlicki, Emelian teacher Fond du Lac

       Pawlicki, Leonard student Menomonie Wis

       Pawlicki, Francis student Superior

Paynter, Gordon married 5th Ave Division St policeman

Paynter, Raymond married 19 Poplar St mail carrier g/2

Paynter, W E married 21 Granite St

Pecotti, Fred married 33 Copper St Tire & Repair shop b/1

Pedri, Angelo married 25 5th Ave Poplar St

       Pedri, John merch home

Pedri, Romano married 53 Poplar St mason's ass't g/3 b/1

       Pedri, Anna domestic Ironwood

Penrose & Varalli garage 78 Co Road

Perkio, Jacob married 37 Silver St g/2

Perl, Jacob married 64 2nd Ave N g/1

       Perl, Imy postal clerk home

       Perl, Maurice grocer home

       Perl, Mandel student home

Perl, Michael married 26 3rd Ave N grocer & confectioner b/1

Perlberg, Kate Mrs 31 9th Ave N housewife g/3

       Perlberg, Peter lineotype opr Ironwood

       Perlberg, Anthony truck driver Iron County

       Perlberg, Joseph student home

Perlberg, Paul H married 31 Germania Loc miner g/3 b/6

       Keaton, Arthur route man Iron County Cry home

       Perlberg, William printer's apprentice home

       Perlberg, Isadore cream tester home

Peterson Albert married 30 Maple St b/3

       Peterson, Julia home

Peterson, Fred married 42 2nd Ave N

Petrowski, Joseph married S Maple St g/1

       Sturgul, Catherine clerk home

       Sturgul, Rose clerk home

       Sturgul, Alice teacher Rhinelander

       Sturgul, Felix home

       Sturgul, Roman home

       Sturgul, Aloysius tire repairer home

Pianfetti, Mary Mrs 56 8th Ave S

       Pianfetti, Anna bookkeeper home

Piazza, Lawrence married 49 Copper St g/2 b/2

Pierson, Walter Iron Co sheriff's off

Pollock, Joseph Poplar St plumber b/1

       Pollock, Lucille student Winona Minn

Poole, Henry married 33 Poplar St

       Poole, Evelyn teacher home

Porter, William St married 34 2nd Ave N carpenter g/1 b/1

       Porter, Irene teacher Bonifas Mich

       Porter, Thomas carpenter home

       Porter, Margaret teacher Faithorne Mich

Pretti, Henry married 52 Division St plumber b/1

Prosek, Edward R married 54 7th Ave N switchman g/3 b/3

Pushor, James Gentile bldg teacher


Quick Lunch Cake 65 Silver St

Quinn, Geo E married 12 Division tit carpenter

       Quinn Wm Geo carpenter ass't home


1928 Hurley Wisconsin R thru Z


Alphabetical listings of residents and businesses 

Gogebic Range city  Directories


1928 Directory of Residents:

  b/ & g/ = number of male & female children under 16 years of age and living at home.



Rainaldi, Anton married 2nd Ave N g/1 b/1

Raineri Jos meats

Raineri, Jos married 25 2nd Ave b/1 merch

       Raineri, Angeline home

       Raineri, Joseph Jr student home

Ranieri, Nick married 13 Maple St g/3 b/2

Rainoldo, Carlo married 11 Poplar St laborer g/1 b/3

       Rainoldo, Leo barber home

Rajkovich, Steve married 35 5th Ave Maple St merch g/3 b/2

       Rajkovich, John home

Ramme, A H married 56 Division St miner g/2 b/4

Rautio, Clarence Third Ave dentist city drug store bldg

Rautio, Edwin W 87 Silver St

Reader, Geo married 24 Division St conductor g/2 b/2

Reanconte, John married 6 Oak St st com g/1 b/2

Reardon, J F married 4th Ave Poplar St grocer g/1 b/1

       Reardon, Frank home

       Reardon, George home

       Reardon, Ethan student Winona Minn

Red Front Soft Drink Parlor Silver

Reible, E M married 25 Iron St city treas

       Reible, Clifford engineer concrete mixer Chicago

       Reible, Julia teacher home

       Reible, Edward motorman L S D P Co home

       Reible, Joseph lumber co emp home

       Reible, Ray student home

REID, DANIEL married 5th Ave S ins & real estate agent

       Reid, Janet teacher home

       REID, EVERIS district att'y home

REID, DANIEL ins & real estate off Silver St

REID, MARION atty Silver St

Reid, George married Copper St b/1

REID, MARION married Germania Loc lawyer g/1

Rex Confectionery Silver

Rodighier Bros bakery

Richter, Verona 68 Seventh Ave teacher

ROGO, PETER married 26 Copper St fashion shoe store g/l b/1

       ROGO, ORESTE fashion shoe store home

Rogo, Emil married 1st Ave N miner g/1 b/1

Roma Restaurant 7 Silver

Romanoski, Ben married 12 Maple St

Romanoski, Ben soft drink parlor Silver

Romatti, Margaret Mrs 67 2nd Ave N housewife b/1

Rova, Emil married 2nd Ave Copper St b/1

RUBATT, DOMINIC married 59 Iron St mayor merch

       Rubatt, Mary teacher home

       Rubatt, Jennie teacher home

       Rubatt, George student Winona Minn

Rubatt, Mary Mrs 26 Division St housewife

       Rubatt, George chief of police home

RUGGLES, St L married 39 5th Ave Iron St lawyer

       Ruggles, Louis student Beloit Wis

RUGGLES, St L lawyer Silver St


Sackett, Archie F married 35 2nd Ave N contractor g/3 b/1

Saich, John married 121 Silver St

Salmi, Otto married 16 Copper St

Samuelli, Amedeo married 7th Ave N carpenter g/2 b/1

Santini, Fred Mr 4th Ave N g/1 b/3

Santini, James 27 Silver St

Santini, Joseph married 32 Poplar St

       Santini, John mechanic Iron Mountain Mich

       Santini, Louise student Winona Minn

Santini Hotel off 1st & Silver

Santini, Louis married Poplar tit garage owner g/1 b/1

Santini, Paul married 15 Maple St b/1

       Santini, Beatrice student home

Schafer, A A married Poplar St hardware dealer g/1

       Schafer, Lucille student Ashland Wis

Schafer's Hardware Co 52 Silver St

Schellan, Peter married 2 Poplar St

       Schellan, Hannah alterer home

       Schellan, John carpenter Long Beach Cal

Schmagner, Mary Mrs 62 7th Ave S housewife g/1

       Schmagner, Mary home

       Schmagner, Elizabeth teacher home

       Schmagner, Joseph baggage clerk home

SCHOMISCH, RAY married Magnetic St pharmacist

Schuier, John married 66 Maple St g/1 b/1 laborer

Schwab, Frank married 10th Ave N hoisting eng g/3

Sealy, Clarence H married 63 5th Ave S asst cashier g/1 b/1

Sealy, Earl E married 44 2nd Ave N agent Soo Ry g/3

Seamens, Geo married 52 Maple St miner g/2 b/2

       Seamens, Henry home

       Seamens, Steve woodsman

Seamens, Henry 53 3rd Ave N soft drinks

SEABMENS, JOS B married 27 Oak St Ironwood department store prop g/3

       Seamens, Kenneth student home

Sebert, John married 57 Copper St

Sebert, Margaret Mrs 55 Copper St housewife

       Sebert, John taxi driver home

       Sebert, Gertrude home

Secor, Albert D married 2nd Ave N pool room prop g/2 b/3

Secor Alfred married 31 Copper St plumber g/1

Secor Bros pool room 75 Silver

Secor, David married 2nd Ave N pool room prop b/2

Secor, Matt married 31 2nd Ave N barber g/3 b/5

       Secor, Lawrence mail carrier home

       Secor, David home

Secor, Philip married 27 Copper St plumber g/1 b/1

Severini, Roger Mr 23 Maple St butcher g/4 b/3

       Severini, Nina housekeeper home

Severini, William married 48 Maple St b/2

Sharey Zedek Synagogue, 400 Division Street

Shelky, Elizabeth Mrs Germania Loc g/3

       Shelky, Joseph butcher home

Sher, Mandell married 26 Poplar St traveling salesman b/1

       Sher, Maurice student Chicago Ill

       Stier, David student Chicago Ill

       Sher, Minnie stenographer home

Shervo, Frank married 55 8th Ave N miner

Sicchio, Rosario married 10 Poplar St g/2 b/1

Siegler, Joseph married 22 Poplar St laborer

       Siegler, William mill hand home

Siskonen, Hjalmer married 27 5th Ave N laborer b/3

       Siskonen, Gertrude stenographer Newberry

       Siskonen, Vienno student home

       Siskonen, Albert home

Sivula, Carl married 128 Silver St restaurant prop g/2

Slanzi, Frank married 55 7th Ave N carpenter g/5 b/2

Slender, Elizabeth Mrs 23 2nd Ave N housewife

       Slender, Lyle bookkeeper home

       Slender, Allen home

Smith, Edw Mr 30 1st Ave N

       Smith, William C woodsman Bonifas Mich

       Smith, Alice home

Smith, Mason married 32 Oak St logger

       Smith, Margaret student Madison Wis

Soich, John soft drinks 121 Silver

Solerin, Louis 59 Silver St waiter

Skarupa, Joseph 10 Ave S boilerman

Sopko, John married 45 Copper St laborer b/1

Soo Line Ry Co

Spear, Victor married 3 Germania Loc miner g/2 b/4

       Spear, Catherine bookkeeper home

STELLA, PANGRAZIO FRANK 28 2nd Ave N g/2 b/1

Stella, Gabriel married 36 Oak St g/2 b/1

Stella, James 45 4th Ave S

Stella, Romola 31 Silver St

Stone, Jane Mrs 48 2nd Ave N housewife

       Stone, Elsa seamstress home

       Stone, Leola teacher home

Stonemark, Oscar married 58 7th Ave N carpenter b/3

       Stonemark, Kenneth wholesale clerk home

Stosik, Frank married Maple St 7th Ave N fireman g/2

St Peter, Elizabeth 30 1st Ave N

Straus,Harriet Maple St teacher

Strehlow, Gordon 10 Copper St student

Strong, Christ married 33 5th Ave N

Stutz, Anthony J married 10th Ave brakeman b/1

Sullivan, Cornelius Burton Hotel janitor

Sullivan, Eugene 56 7th Ave woodsman

Sullivan, Ida Mrs Copper St & 4th Ave

Sullivan, James married Bernard St & 3rd Ave switchman

Summers, Sarah widow 25 Granite St housewife

       Summers, James laborer home

       Summers, Joseph freight clerk home

       Summers, Robert garage man home

       Summers, William machinist home

Sundstrom, Charles V married 55 Iron St mill emp g/2 b/1

       Sundstrom, Walfred section laborer home

       Sundstrom, Mildred student Seattle Wash

Suni, Marie 63 Fifth Ave S maid Supreme Oil /Co

Swangstu, Andrew married 32 2nd Ave N g/3

Swanson, Sam married City Hall

       Swanson, Evar electrician home

Sybeldon, Joseph married 28 9th Ave N sheet metal worker b/2

       Sybeldon, Catherine teacher home

       Sybeldon, Joseph ins agent home

       Sybeldon, Gertrude teacher home

       Sybeldon, Edwin student home S

       Sybeldon, Evelyn student home

Sybeldon, Louis St married 16 Oak St acetylene welder g/1 b/2


Taglienti, Joseph married 31 1st Ave N section laborer g/3

Taglienti, William Chicago

Taglienti, Louis married 29 4th Ave N laborer g/3 b/1

Taglienti, John laborer home

Talhurst, E T Silver St cigar factory prop

Tappero, Charles married 9 Oak St g/1 b/1

Taraboi, Louis married 29 1st Ave N mason g/2 b/2

Tasty Baking Co 3 Granite

Taylor, John married Silver St miner g/1 b/1

Therien, Loretta teacher 58 Fifth Ave S

Thomas, Albert married 36 9th Ave N miner g/3 b/1

Thomas, St H eye ear nose throat Paul bldg

Thompson, Norma teacher 58 5th Ave S

Thurith, August married 20 Poplar St laborer

Tobias, Sherman Mrs 10th Ave Division St housewife g/1

Tocci, St M dentist city drug store bldg

Toggery Shop, The Silver St

Tomaich, Michael married Walter's Flat Highway 51 g/2 b/2

Toniasin, John married 26 6th Ave N miner g/2 b/3

Tomasin, Louis student home

Toniazzo, Angelo married 17 Copper St soft drinks g/1 b/1

Tonioni, Silvio married 49 Division St laborer

Tonioni, Ida stenographer home

Traczyk, Joseph married 28th Ave S miner g/1 b/5

Tralla, Anton married 2nd Ave N butcher g/1 b/1

Trembath, Richard C married 66 7th Ave S atty at law g/1 b/2

Trembath, Richard 97 Silver St lawyer

TREZONE, HENRIETTA Mrs 7th Ave & Magnetic St French Hair Shoppe prop

Trier, Celestin married 57 4th Ave St g/2

Trier, Luella Mrs 10 Iron St county treas g/1

       Trier, Francis bus driver Milwaukee

       Trier, Clare "Who's Who" Pittsburgh Penn

       Trier, Gertrude teacher Wakefield

       Trier, Gilbert pharmacist home

       Trier, Joseph student Madison

Trione, John Mr 8 Oak St miner

       Trione, Adeline milliner home

Trochem, Stanley married Poplar St 3rd Ave miner

       Trochem, Lawrence teamster home

       Trochem, Stephen home

       Raczkowski, Anton woodsman home

Truan, Jack married 21 Oak St & 3rd Ave Bissell service

Turf Exchange Buffet

Twin City Iron Works 4th Ave

Twin City Plumbing & Heating 16 Copper


Uznos, Joseph married 22 6th Ave N miner b/1


Vacatech, George 50 Ninth Ave S miner

Valente, Arthur married 61 Iron St g/1 b/4

       Valente, Adeline clerk Hurley

       Valente, Samuel musician Chicago

Valo, Vienno 16 Copper St waitress

Valpi, James married E Oak St

Van Hoof, Henry married 32 Iron St Iron County cry b/1

VAN STRATUM, F G & SON dentists Silver St

Van Stratum, Dr F G married 67 5th Ave S dentist

Varda, Anton married 56 9th Ave S

Verda, Anton married 44 Copper St g/2 b/1

Verda, Rose Mrs 14 Iron St

Verdoni, Sam married 1 Ave N miner g/2

Verich, Christina married 86 8th Ave S housewife g/2 b/3

Vickers, Martin married 78 2nd Ave N printer

Vidovich, Matt married 116 Silver St

Vioski, Frank married 52 Silver St owner pool room g/1 b/1

Vita, Clemente married 75 3rd Ave N g/l b/2

       Vita, Joseph California

Vocatect, George married 50 9th Ave S miner g/1 b/3

Voight, L hdwr merch 122 Silver St

Voight & Christensen Hdwr Co

Volant, Joseph 34 Copper St confectioner


Wagner, Anna housekeeper 32 Iron St

Walter, William married butcher 58 Maple St

       Walter, Joseph butcher Hurley

       Walter, Gust butcher Hurley

       Walter, Martha teacher

Ward, Marion waitress 15 Copper St

Warren, L G married 28 Iron St

Webber, William married 38 Maple St co road com

Welch, Albert house mover 39 Third Ave N

Wess, Mary Mrs housewife 10th Ave division St

       Wess, Karen Clerk Duluth

Westlund, Edward married 18 Germania Loc scaler g/l b/1

       Westlund, Clarence laborer Hurley

       Westlund, Verner miner Hurley

       Westlund, Albin laborer Hurley

       Westlund, Herbert transfer chairman Hurley

       Westlund, George

Whitebear Soft Drinks Silver St


Whiteside, Anna J Mrs Sixth Ave

Wick, Albin married 4th Ave S g/3 b/2

Williams, Arthur married 17 Germania Loc mgr city water plant b/1

       Williams, Walter mechanic Hurley

Williams, E B married 28 2nd Ave N Postmaster

Williams, John S married 3 Silver St

Wilson, Fay maid 59 Silver St

Wisconsin Packing Co Silver St

Wisconsin Tel Co

Wolowinski, Mary Mrs 25 6th Ave N housewife g/2 b/2

       Wolowinski, Felicia clerk Hurley

Wong Gin city laundry 76 2nd Ave N

Woods, Grace restaurant prop 15 Copper St

Wudi, Louis married telegraph opr 30 Oak St

Wyatt, John Burton Hotel


Young, Julia Mrs housewife 13 Division St

       Young, Mayme V asst cashier home

       Young, William RR gateman Hurley

Younger, Anthony married 30 Iron St carpenter

       Younger, Sylvester carpenter Hurley

       Younger, Raymond truck driver Hurley

       Younger, Earl truck driver Hurley

Younger, John cement block mfg'g 10th Ave W Division St

Younger, Peter married 10th Ave car inspector C &NW Ry b/2

Younger, Theresa Mrs 10th Ave N housewife

Yuen, George married 68 Silver St restaurant owner

       Yuen, Mrs George is in China


Zambrowicz, John married 37 4th Ave N farmer b/1

       Zambrowicz, Aloysius teacher Burley

       Zambrowicz, Leone teacher Hurley

       Zambrowicz, Severna teacher Burley

Zavella, Peter married 52 8th Ave S car repairman g/2 b/1

Zuchowski, Walter married 35 Ninth Ave N carpenter g/3 b/2