1928 Town of Anderson,

Upson, Wisconsin

Alphabetical listings of residents and businesses

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Upson, Wisconsin


Town Officers


Chairinan: Oliver Peteffi

 Clerk: Mrs. Estelle Barney.

Treasurer: John Erickson.

Assessor: Joseph Peterson.

Highway Commissioner: C Kammerer.

 Supervisors: Leo Miller, W. E. Brugge.


School Board

Director: M. Barney.

 Clerk: Max. Makoske.

Treasurer: Peter Radakovich.



Upson School. Moore School.


Soft Drink Parlor

Peter Radahovich



Bonnie Marian Mrs

Bruegge William

Lipski George

Peteffi Oliver


Tourist Park

At River and Falls



Adams Adeline Mrs housewife

Anderson Askel. farmer

Anderson Ole married

    Anderson Anne teacher Ironwood twsp

    Anderson Ted factory emp Nekoosa Wis., Barney Mitchell married woodsman g/2 b/1


Barney, Helen student Iron Belt

Bonney, Marian Mrs merch

Brown, Amanda married housewife

     Brown, Bernard patient Bayfield Wis

Brown, Nettie Mrs housewife

     Brown, Phyllis stenographer Iron Mountain Mich

 Bruegge, William married merch g/1


Chartier, Alfred Upson logger

Chartier, Mike married farmer


Erickson, John married farmer

  Noren Margaret nurse Kenosha Wis

Flateau, Vincent J married mechanic g/1 b/3

   Flateau, Marjorie student Iron Belt

Gates, Joseph married electrician g/3

Hanson, Charles married farmer g/2

   Hanson, Charles scc laborer home

   Hanson, Emma home

Hovde, Hogan Mr janitor

   Hovde, Nellie stenographer Ironwood Mich

   Hovde, Melvin mechanic Mellen Wis

Huber, Antone married see foreman g/2


Javorsby, John married blacksmith g/1

   Javorsby, John woodsman home

Johnson, Jacob married farmer g/2 b/1

   Johnson, Gertrude home

Johnson, Victor farmer


Kammerer, Conrad married highway commissioner

Kammere,r John cook Mercer Wis

Kreft, August Upson teacher


Larson, Hans married farmer

Larson, Edythe teacher Moore Wis

Lindquist, Hilda Mrs housewife b/I

Lipski, George married merch g/2 b/3

   Lipski, Leo woodsman home

   Lipski, Martin woodsman home

McKoski, Max married cook g/1

Mille, Leo married logger g/3 b/1

Moehrbe, Celia Upson clerk

North, Oden married Soo Line agent g/1

Parent, Cecilia Upson teacher

Parsenen, John married farmer

Peteffi, Guido Upson laborer

Peteffi, Oliver L married merch g/2

Peterson, Hannah Mrs housewife

   Peterson, Martha teacher home

   Peterson, Joseph camp foreman home

   Peterson, George woodsman home

Peterson, Henry married farmer g/1 b/1

Peterson, John sec laborer

Peterson, Oscar L married woodsman g/1 b/1

Peterson, Paul married patrolman b/2


Radahovich, Peter married prop soft drink parlor g/5 b/4

   Radahovitch, Jack student Iron Belt Wis

Smith, Henry trapper

Waikenen, John married see foreman b/2

White, Wilson mechanic Hurley Wis