1912 City Directory  
Ironwood Michigan & Hurley Wisconsin

Alphabetical  listing of  residents and businesses including names,  addresses and occupations
Photos, newspaper clips and  family histories

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A very special "Thank you" to
Helia Helli-Mattson
who saved so many wondeful
photos, newspaper clips,
and this 1912 Directory.

"Thank you" to the wonderful, helpful people of the
Ironwood Library and the IronCounty
Historical Society

for helping us obtain historical information and photos of "Old Hurley"

Also "Thank you" to
Joe Carlson
of Ironwood who has given
much help in both information for this site and our family research
1892 Hurley City Directory

All Bbout Hurley Wi 1892

Map of Gogebic Iron Range...
from Wakefield, MI. to Montreal WI.

R. Paul Store--Hurley...Photos & Story  

The Burton House Hotel---Hurley

                                     Photos and story 

Hurley is named....and a lot of other
       interesting facts & photos 

Churches of Early Iron County ...Photos
Iron County, WI. Homes...circa 1900 

Wedding photo 
Helia Helli & Arnold Mattson

Names and information on these pages have been transcribed directly from the hardbound edition of the 1912 Ironwood - Hurley Directory...Schneider & Brogan

Names are spelled and listed exactly as  they appeared in the original Directory...some are likely to be incorrect...so please check variations of family names.


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