Gogebic Range city  Directories
1892 - 1947
Ironwood Directory 1912  Government  
City Government

City Hall---Cor Norfolk & McLeod Av
Mayor---D Edwin Sutherland
President of Council---William Tolan
Treasurer---Jacob Nelson
Attorney---Charles M Humphry
Assessor---Peter Lofberg
Marshal---Nick Frank
Street Commissioner---O F Stabler
Chief of Fire Dept---James Oxnam
Health Commissioner---W C Conley

Board of Aldermen:
First Ward---William Tolan, W Mullen
Second Ward---Ernest Dear, Max Stevens
Third Ward---Charles J Peterson, Adolph Mueller
Fourth Ward---Fred W May, Gus Swanson
Fifth Ward---Frank J Alexander, Jerry Harrington
Sxth Ward---Edward M Jacquart, Jerry Harrington
Seventh Ward---John Richards, Thomas B McNamara
Eighth Ward---Thomas J Stevens, William Bond

Standing Committees of the Common Council:
Finance---Alexander, Dear, Mullen, Speare & T J Stevens
Fire & Water---Mueller, Peterson & Swanson
Streets & Highways---Mueller, Mullen & Speare
Ordinances---Harrington, Peterson & Max Stevens
City Parks---May, McNamara & Max Stevens
Cemetery---Alexander, Bond, richards & T J Stevens
Sewers---Alexander,Jacquart, & Tolan
Police---Jacquart, Mullen & Richards
Printing---Bond, McNamara & T J Stevens
Judiciary---Max Stevens, Swanson & Tolan
Building---May, McNamara & Speare
License---Alexander, Dear & Swanson
Lighting---Harrington, May & McNamara
---Dear, May, McNamara, Speare & Tolan

Fire Department:

Headquarters---City Hall
Chief---James W Oxnam
Assistant Chief---Wilbred Boyer
Drivers---George King & Alec Olson
Pipeman---Thomas B Williams

Police Department

Headquarters---City Hall
Chief of Police---Nick Frank
Patrolmen---Swan Holt, John Katztvinski, Nick Anderson
    Kazmer Bartylak

Locations of Fire Alarms
11---Marquette & McLeod
12---Norrie & Albany
13---Peweabic & Lawrence
14---Ayer & Lowell
15---Aurora & Lawrence
16---Oak & Ironwood
17---Ashland Mine
18---Elctric Light Station
21 --- E Vaughn & Mansfield
22---City Hall
23---Aurora & Suffolk
24 Ashland Hill
25---The River
26---Lowell & Gogebic
27---Birch & Balsam
28---Arch & John
31---Vaughn & Suffolk
32---North Aurora LOcation
33---Sutherland & Monroe
34---Ayer & Norfolk
35---Mansfield & Ayer
36---McLeod & Curry
37---Norrie Mine
38---Poplar & Ash
41---East End Houk
42--- East Norrie Mine
43---Aurora Mine
44--- Street Car Barn
45--- Jesseieville
46---McLeod & Lake
47---Southwest Lake
48---Kenedy & First National
52---Newport Mine Location
53--- Pine & Hazel
54--- Birch & Shamrock
55--- North Pabst Location
56--- Scott & Howe Mill
61---Bonnie & Iron King
1912 Ironwood Michigan Government
County Government
Elections are held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November every even year.

Court House---Bessemer, Michigan
Judge of Circuit Court---Samuel S Cooper
Reporter---Bert C Hayes
Prosecuting Attorney---James A O'Neill
Clerk---John Luxmore Jr
Treasurer---Richard Banfield
Sheriff---John Rowett
Register of Deeds---Alex Strom
Circuit Court Commissioner---William S Baird
County Surveyor---William Weston
Coroners---F X Houle & William Utley
Mine Inspector---George Brewer
Commissioner of Schools---Laura Bowden
Superintendent of Poor---1st Dist. W G Winchester
Superintendent of Poor---2nd Dist J A Vogtlin
Superintendent of Poor 3rd Dist JamesW Bedell
Judge of Probate---Curtis Buck

Board of Supervisors:
First ward---John M Bush
Second Ward---Robert A Douglas
Third Ward---John Drazkowski
Fourth Ward---William A Cole
Fifth Ward---Luther C Brewer
Sixth Ward---Samuel J Gribble
Seventh WArd---Samuel R Slade
Eighth Ward---Frank Blackwell Jr

First Ward---William H Knight
Second Ward---Gust Swedberg
Third Ward---rving W Truettner
Fourth Ward---William C Rowe
Fifth Ward---Andrew Forslund

Township of Ironwood:

John G. Helli

Township of Erwin:
Axel Holmgren

Township of Bessemer:
William Piper

Township of Wakefield:
John Simonson

Township of Marenisco:
E A Ormes

Township of Watersmeet:
T A Kelly

Township of Carlson:
William Bonifas

County Road Commissioners
Grant S Barber---Bessemer, Michigan
Edward Neidhold---Wakefield, Michigan
Henry S Rowe---Ironwood, MIchigan

Circuit Court
Circuit Court  Judge---Samuel S Cooper
Reporter---Bert C Hayes
Prosecuting Attorney---James A O'Neill
Clerk---John Luxmore Jr

Probate Court
Regular term...meets first and third Mondays of each month.

Judge---Curtis Buck
Clerk---Mrs Alex Strom