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1892 Ironwood Michigan   ... everything about the city
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  Among the prosperous and enterprising towns on the Gogebic range, Ironwood takes the lead.

It is located on the east bank of the Montreal river in Gogebic county which river is the boundary line between the states of Michigan and Wisconsin.  The Town site was platted by Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western Railway, Co.

in 1885, since which time its growth and prosperity have been remarkable.  The population is now 10,000 and is increasing rapidly.  The iron mining interest is the leading industry.  The mercantile interests are large and Ironwood numbers among its business men, some of the most reliable and prosperous merchants in the state of Michigan.

Manufacturing is yet in its infancy.  The mineral deposits are inexhaustible, abundant shipping privileges are offered by the M L & W and W C Railways.

          The business portion of Ironwood is built of brick and large commodious store line the streets.

The hotel accommodations are second to none in this part of the United States.

          The city is lighted by electricity and has a fine system of water works.  A well organized fire department quartered in an elegant city hall shows the enterprise and pride of our citizens.  The banking facilities are ample.

          The city supports several weekly newspapers, printed in the English and Scandinavian languages, also one daily paper (English), the first one printed in the Gogebic range.

          Stangers are assured at once that our educational interests are attended to. It is shown by the five large school buildings within our city limits. Many fine residences adorn the city and the working man, as a rule, has a home of his own.

          Ironwood's churches are numerous, the pulpits are filled by able ministers and the pews by large and appreciative audiences.  In the short space of six years they have built a beautiful city.  Ironwood has an electric street railway running to Hurley, Wis., two saw mills will be in operation next season and furnish employment for a large force.  New mines are being discovered, new industries are being inaugurated and the capitalists of the world are invited to investigate the advantages for investment offered by the city of Ironwood, Mich.


City Hall ... s w cor Ash Ave and Norfolk.
Capt William Trebilcock ... mayor; elected April 16th 1891 for the second term.
The City of Ironwood incorporated in 1889.
The City Government is composed of a mayor, board of twelve aldermen,
elected by a popular vote of the people for terms of one and two years.
Annual elections held the first Monday in April.
Regular meetings first and third Mondays in each month.

Mayor ... Capt Wm Trebilcock, salary twenty-five dollars per year.
President of the Council ... Capt Wm Trebilcock
First Ward ... John Mullen, D Mullins                              Second Ward ... C J Laughren, O E Karste
Third Ward ... D E Sutherland, G N Olson                    Fourth Ward ... P E Swanson, A G Hedin
Fifth Ward ... G Brewer, W Thomas                                 Sixth Ward ... D R Bundy, W W Stephens
Aldermen get salary of twenty-five dollars per annum.

First Ward ... Capt Taylor                                                      Second Ward ... Frank Healy
Third Ward ... E B Williams                                                  Fourth Ward ... J D Day
Fifth Ward ... F May                                                                 Sixth Ward ... M W Burt
City Clerk ... J Evans, salary $600
City Treasurer ... Charles Peterson, salary fees.
City Attorney ... J S Monroe, salary $400
City Engineer ... J H Goudie, salary $600
Street Commisioner ... Swan Hult, salary $600
Assessor ... H McDuffy, salary $600
City Marshall ... T T Eddy ... salary $1000
Health Commissioner ... Dr J K Nevin salary $300.
Chief of Fire Department ... A A Hammond, salary $750.
Board of Health ... The City Council.

STANDING COMMITTEES                   
Finance and Claims ... Aldermen Sutherland, Swanson and Stephens.
Streets and Highways ... Alderman Bundy, Laughren and Brewer.
City Police ... Aldermen Mullen, Stephens and Hedin.
Sewers ... Aldermen Swanson, Olson and Sutherland.
Lighting ... Aldermen Sutherland and Swanson.
Ordinance ... Aldermen Karste Mullins and Thomas.
Fire and Water ... Aldermen Brewer, Olson and Karste.
Cemetery ... Aldermen Mullen, Thomas and Hedin.
City Park ... Aldermen Hedin, Brewer and Laughren.

POLICE DEPARTMENT                   
Appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council.
          Uniform, dark blue, double breasted sack coats with gilt buttons. Armed with baton.
Headquarters ....City Hall.
Chief of Police ... TT Eddy, salary $1,000.
Deputy Marshall ... J Johnson, salary $2 per day.
Policemen ... D R Sullivan, James H Cox, Peter Conley and Ole Seaverson.
          The policemen receive a salary of $2 per day.

FIRE DEPARTMENT                             

Chief ... A A Hammond, salary $750                             Asst Chief ... J W Oxnan
          The Gamwell fire alarm system is in use.

                              HAMMOND HOSE CO. NO. 1                                                 
Headquarters .... City Hall                    Organized Nov 2nd, 1887                Membership ...  16                   

Foreman ... William Knight                                                  Treasurer ... George Spencer
Asst Foreman ... none                                                            Secretary ... John Morrison         

HOOK & LADDER COMPANY                   
Foreman ... Ernest Dear    Asst Foreman ... J H Hearding

                    Foreman ... Dan Harrington                   Secretary ... John Anderson                    Membership ...16         

Union Hospital ... n e cor E Vaughn & Curry. Organized Nov 1888.
Number of beds ... 26. 
General Manager, Medical Supervisor and Proprietor ... Dr J A McLeod
Matron ... Mrs. Niven
                    Norrie Band ... Headquarters of old Norte Office s of Dr J A Mcleod's house.
Organized 1888                    Number of pieces  19
Uniform dark blue with light blue facings and Gilmore hat.
Business transacted on practice nights. Practice, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 7:30 p m.
Director ... G W Scott.

Twin City Band ... (Late Scandinavian Band) ... Headquarters Scandinavian Hall
Organized Nov 10th, 1890.          Number of pieces 19.
Uniform blue with yellow and gold trimmings and U.S. regulation helmets with yellow plumes.
Business meeting every 15th of each month.  Practice at Scandinavian Hall Sunday 10 am.

Wednesdays and Fridays 7 p m.
Director ... M Holemo

The World's Fair Band ... Headquarters at Armory of Curry Rifles.
Organized July 1, 1890.          Number of pieces  14.
Uniform dark with silk hat. Practice at Armory Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:30 p m.
Director ... John Meis

Hibernica Band ... Headquarters Mullen's Hall
Organized 1888                    Number of pieces   16.
Uniform dark blue with gold lace and Gilmore hat.

Practice at Mullens's Hall Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 7:30 p m. at

which times all business is transacted.
Director ... G W Scott


First National Bank of Ironwood         
Corner of Suffolk and Aurora Sts.           Incorporated 1889                     Capital $50,000            
President S S Curry                    Vice President ... E D Nelson                    Cashier ... H F Jahn

Bank of Ironwood         
N W cor Aurora and Suffolk                    Incorporated 1888                    Capital $25,000
President ... Wm Luby          Vice President ... Frank Karste
Cashier ... O E Karste          Asst Cashier ... W N Luby


Methodist Episcopal Church          N E cor E Aurora and Mansfield . Membership 135.
Sabbath School 2:30 p m.           Epworth League Tuesdays 7:30 p m. Prayer meeting Wednesdays 7:30 p m.

Communion once a quarter. Sunday services 10:30 a m, 7:30 p m. Class meeting 9 a m Sunday.
Pastor ... C C Turner

Jessieville Branch of the Methodist Church
Sunday services 10:30 a m   7:30  p m. Sabbath school 2 p m.  Prayer meeting Tuesdays  7:30 p m.

Roman Catholic          The Church of St. Ambrose, Marquette and E Ayer.
Sunday service first mass 8 a m,           high mass 10:30 a m.            Catechism 3 p m.   Vespers 4 p m.        
Polish services of the Catholic Church 9 a m for Poles, Bohemians  and Slavonians.
Priest ... Rev M Kehoe                    Asst priest ... Rev A Mylnarczyk.

Swedish Lutheran Church          E S Marquette near Aurora          Membership 140.
Sunday services 10:30  a m,  7:30 p m.          Prayer  meeting Thursdays &:30 p m.
Communion every alternate month.
Pastor ... Emil Lund

First Swede Baptist Church          E S Mansfield near Vaughn.           Membership 41.
Sunday services 10:30 a m, 7:30 p m. Young Peoples Society 4 p m.  Temperance meeting Saturday 8 p m.
Prayer meeting Tuesday 8 p m.  Communion first Sunday in every month 8 p m.
Pastor N Erickson

Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church           W S Curry bet E Ayer and E Aurora. Membership 200
Sunday services 10:30 a m, 7:30 p m, Sunday school 2 p m. Communion every alternate month.
Song services Wednesday 7:30 p m.
Pastor ... J W Eloheimo

Swedish Methodist Church          W S Suffolk n Vaughn                    Membership  53
Sunday services 10 a m, 7:30 p m Sunday School 12 noon. Prayer meeting 7:30 p m.

Communion every quarter held by presiding elder.
Pastor ... Erick Wallgren

Presbyterian Church          S E cor Aurora and Norfolk.          Membership 50
Sunday services 10:30 a m, 7:30 p m. Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor 6:30 p m,
Sabbath school 12 noon. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 p m. Communion every quarter
Pastor ... John MacAllister

Swedish Mission Church          W s Marquette near E Vaughn.           Membership 80
Sunday services 10:30 a m, 7:30 p m.  Sunday school 2 p m. Prayer meeting Wednesdays and Fridays 7:30 p m.

Communion first Sunday in each month.
Pastor ... John Hendrickson

Episcopal Church          N s Aurora near Marquette.  Sunday service 10:30 a m.
Sunday school after service.
Senior warden ... M W Burt

Salvation Army          Ironwood Corps No. 490.
Barracks at s s Vaughn w Suffolk. Membership 30. Organized Feb 28th 1890.
Sunday services 7 a m, 11 a m, 3 p m, 7:30 p m. Meetings every night during the week 8 p m.
Capt J W Hewitt.

Y M C A          S E cor Lowell and Aurora. Organized 1888.
Consecration meeting Sundays 9 a m. Gospel song service 4 p m. Fellowship meeting Friday 8 p m.

Free social Saturday 8 p m.

A splendid free reading room open daily from 8 a m to 9:30 p m.

Strangers made welcome. Remember the place
President ... C W Curry, Acting Secretary ... A Terry

Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western Railway
Wisconsin Central Railway
these depots are north of Ayer and E of Lowell.

U.S . Express Co.  ... C W Curran, agent          Office n w cor Ayer and Suffolk
Northern Pacific Express Co. ... J Costin Jr, agent          Office e s Suffolk bet Aurora and Ayer.

          Office and station on Oak Street                              Incorporated 1889                     Capital stock $50,000.
President ... J L Colby, Cleveland, Ohio
Vice-president ... J D Day, Ironwood, Mich.
Superintendent ... W H Cochran, Ironwood, Mich.


Masonic          Ironwood Lodge No. 389,  F. and A. M., headquarters Ironwood Store Co's block.
Meets Thursday at 8 p m in Masonic Hall.
Will L Winslow, W.M.                    O.E Lewis, Secretary

Independent Order of Odd Fellows          Ironwood Lodge No. 49         
Instituted Jan. 25, 1888          Headquarters Odd Fellows Hall.
Meets every Wednesday, 8 p m.; membership 110.
P G M ... Ernest Dear                              R S ... A W Peterson
N G ... George Schobert                       P S  ... O S Kerr
V G ... Edward Helps                                        Treasurer ... Fred Selk

Gogebic Encampment No. 50         
Instituted Sept 25th, 1888.           Headquarters Odd Fellows Hall
Meets first and third Mondays in each month.          Membership 35
C P ... C A Halscom                    Scribe ... Sidney Hirsh

Knights of Pythias         
Uniform Rank Ironwood Division No. 47
Organized Sept 1890          Headquarters Odd Fellows Hall         
Meets every alternate Tuesday, &:30 p m.           Membership 40
Capt ... L L Wright                                  Herald ... Fay Goodland
First Lieu ... E G Emmons                    Recorder ... Edward Helps
Treas ... O E Karste                              Sentinel ... Robert Bates

Ironwood City Lodge No 123
Instituted July 1890          Meets every Tuesday, 8 p m.          Membership 51.
C C ... J K Niven                                        V C ... Fred Selk
K of R and S ... Edward Helps          Prelate ... W J McRoberts

Ancient Order United Workmen          Ironwood Lodge No. 149
Organized Oct 19th 1889          Headquarters, Odd Fellows Hall
Meets Saturdays 7:30 p m.          Membership 22
P M W ... F A Healy                              Recorder ... I A Bassett
M W ... George Brewer                    Receiver ... T G Owen
Foreman ... C E Houck                    Financier ... Frank Healy
Overseer ... James Quinn

Sons of St George          George Washington Lodge
Instituted April 6th, 1888          Headquarters Odd Fellows Hall
Meets every Friday, 8 p m.          Membership 275.
W P ... John Banfield                    W S ... Fred Brewer

Ancient Order of Foresters of America
Court Garfield No. 7798 (A O F of A)
Organized July 31st, 1890          Meets in Odd Fellows Hall Thursdays 8 p m,          Membership 120
Chief Ranger ... Luke  Grose                                  Treasurer ... P E Swanson
Sub Chief Ranger ... Samuel Doney                      S W ... J Johnson
Financial Sec ... Fred Langsford                              J W ... Robert Henwood
E Sec ... W E Ellis

Court Bezelius No. 7910 (A O F of A )
Organized July 21st, 1891          Meets in Scandinavian Hall Monday 8 p m.    Membership 70
Chief Ranger ... John Johnson                              R Sec ... Charles Nettleblad
Sub Chief ranger ... Herman Skud                    Treasurer ... J M Hedin
Financial Sec ... Charles Ahlberg

IMPROVED ORDER OF RED MEN          Odanah Tribe No. 41
Instituted Oct 31, 1891          Headquarters Scandinavian Hall. Meets Monday 7:30 p m. Membership 140
Prophet ... Wm Trebilcock                                             Chief of Records ... Harry Nielson
Senior Sagamore ... William H Rogers                    Keeper of Wampum ... W E Ellis
Junior Sagamore ... William Mildren                       Collector of Wampum ... Curtis Buck
Sachem ... O S Kerr

LODGE NO. 4,   S H & E F
Reorganized Jan. 8, 1888.   Headquarters Scandinavian Hall. Meets Friday 7:30 pm Membership 300
Pres ... Swan Hult                                                            Financial Sec ... Harry Nelson
Vice Pres ... John G Palm                                          Treas ... Carl E Erickson
Sec ... Gust Nelson

Organized January 12th, 1890.          Headquarters Good Templars' Hall          
Meets Saturday 7:30 pm           Membership 75
Chief Templar ... J E Hall                                 Chaplain ... Erick Frojd
Lodge Deputy ... A W Peterson                    R Sec ... Nennis Carlson
Vice Templar ... Edward Nelson                    Financial Sec ... J G Palm
P C Templar ... J O Gustafson
Western Union Telegraph Co. .... Office in First National Bank Block. Manager... Fred D Timmerman.
Open from 8 a m to 8 p m.

E s Suffolk between Ashland Ave and Aurora. General delivery and registry department

open from 8 a m to 8 p m; money order department from 8 a m to 6 p m.
Postmaster ... E B Williams                                           Gen Delivery Clerk ... Julia Holland
Ass't Postmaster ... Edward O'Rourke                    Money Order Clerk ... Sam Reid

City Park  .... Situated on the n s E Ayer e of Curry.  Owned by the City.

Situated on the n w cor of the city limits, n of cemetery. Organized Nov 9, 1891.  Capital Stock $7,500.
Pres ... J D Day                    Secretary's office ... Prescott's Block, Suffolk St.
Vice Pres ... O E Karste
Sec & Treas ... O E Lewis

Board of Education
President of Board of Education ... J A McLeod MD
Trustees ... Dr J A McLeod; F A Healy; R E Mace; E B Williams; P A Swanson.
Director ... F A Healy

City Public Schools
Superintendent ... L L Wright, salary $1,500.

Central High School ...Cor of Marquette and Ayer
Superintendent and Principal of High School ... L L Wright
Assistant of High School ... W H Bridgeman
Teachers ... Margaret McVichie; seventh & eighth grades.

Mary Baldwin, Kate Sheran; fifth & sixth  grades.

Flora Rounsville, Cora Bean; third and fourth grades.  Also Bessie Val Lanc, Addie Marvin,          

Sara Clancy, Angie Williams; first, second and third grades.
First Ward ... Maria Sullivan ... first and second grades.
Second Ward ... Flora Nickel, first and second grades.
Third Ward ... Beatrice Spurr, Norine Mullins, first and second grades.
Sixth Ward ... Mary O'Neill, third, fourth, fifth sixth grades.  Kittie O'Neill first and second grades.
High School Library in Central School Building
The City Schools possess a circulating and reference library.

The former contains about 500 books of  travel, history and adventure.

Pupils may have access to these books in connection with their studies free of charge.
Special Teacher of Music ... Miss Palmer

(Daily and Weekly)
Daily Advocate  (Independent)  Office s s Aurora bet Suffolk and Lowell.

Established Sept 1891. Issued every day (except Sunday) at 4 p m. 

Subscription, $6 per year, by carrier fifteen cents per week. Published by Gogebic Publishing Co.

Weekly Advocate (Independent) issued every Saturday by the Gogebic Publishing Co.
Subscription $2 per year.

Interstate News Record  (Republican) Office in First National Bank block. Issued every Saturday. Subscription $2 per year.

Peaslee and Douglas, editors and proprietors.

Ironwood Times  (Democrat) Office bet Suffolk and Ayer. Issued every Saturday.

Subscription $2 per year.  Walter Goodland, editor and publisher.

Blokadbrytaren  (Swedish Independent)  Office n s Ashland Ave bet Suffolk and Lowell. Published every Friday,

by the Scandinavian Society's Printing Co.

Yearly subscription $1.50. Established Dec. 1, 1890.  Carl Pfeil, editor and manager.

Frihet  (Swedish Independent)  Office Kearney block cor Suffolk and Lowel.  Issued every Friday

by the Frihet Publishing and Printing Co.

Yearly subscription, $1.50. G Akermark, editor; Otto Elander, manager.

Ironwood Cemetery   (Protestant and Roman Catholic)  Situated on w s Hemlock St n of Montreal River.

Burial Lots, 10 feet square, price $10. Single graves $3.



tropolitan Iron & Land Company
Capital Stock $2,500,000.  Office s end of Curry, Ironwood, Mich. Headquarters and general office

148 New Insurance Building, Milwaukee, Wiss.
President ... S S Curry, Ironwood, Mich.                                                  Treasurer ... L J Petit, Milwaukee, Wis.
Secretary ... H S Haselton, Milwauke, Wis.                                          Superintendent ... J D Day, Ironwood, Mich.
(This company operates the Norrie Mine, East Norrie Mine, Pabst Mine, Davis Min and the Commercial option near Wakefield.)

Ashland Iron Mining Company 
Local office near the cor of Aurora and Ashland ave. General office and headquarters Hillsdale, St Clare Co, California.
Incorporated 1885.
President & General Manager ... E A Hayes           Treasurer ... J O Hayes                  

Superintendent ... J H Taylor

F J Hagar Lumber Co., (Limited)
Office & yards n s Ayer e of Norfolk. Incorporated Nov 1st, 1891 for 5 years. Capital stock, $22,000.
President and General Manager ... Frank J Hagar.

Twin City Railway Company
Incorporated Nov 1890. Office, First National Bank building.
President ... T H Bushnell                                        Sec & Treasurer ... Ward Clement
Directors ... S S Curry, J D Day, J A McCloud, A L Dickerman, T H Bushell, E D Nelson.

Ironwood Lumber Company
Incorporated Oct. 27th, 1891.  Capital $30,000.
President ... J A McLeod                              Vice president ... J N Boyington
Sec & Treasurer ... Ward Clement
Directors ... J A McLeod, J N Boyington, Ward Clement, F M Prescott, S S Curry.
Until April 1892, the office and yard will be n s of Frederick st, w of Lowell.  After that date the office will be at the mill on the east side of the Montreal River w of Curry's Addition.

Gogebic Publishing Co.
Incorporated 1891, Capital stock $5,000.
President ... C E Bennett.

Ironwood Electric Company
Office and works at Electric Station. Incorporated 1889.   Capital stock  $50,000.
President ... Joseph L Colby, Cleveland, Ohio.
Vice President ... J D Day, Ironwood, Mich.
Supt and General Manager ... W H Cochran.

The Savings and Investment Company of Gogebic County.
Authorized capital $100,000.                    Incorporated Dec. 26th 1891.
President ... Solomon S Curry                                        First Vice President ... H B Studevant
Second Vice President ... J D Day.                              Secretary ... E D Nelson
Treasurer ... Herman F Jahn                                         Attorney ... Charles M Humphrey



Pierce's Opera House ... S E cor Suffolk St and Ashland Ave. Seating capacity 700. (This hall is open to home and traveling

companies.)  W L Pierce, owner and manager.

Alhambra Theatre ... S S Ayer bet Lowell and Suffolk.  P O'Neill proprietor.

Nelson's Hall ... Cor Suffolk and Aurora. Entrance Aurora.

Mullin's Hall ... N S Aurora bet Lowell and Lawrence.

Odd Fellows Hall ... N W cor Aurora and Suffolk over the Bank of Ironwood. Entrance on Aurora.

Masonic Hall ... E S Suffolk bet Aurora and Ashland Ave in Ironwood Store Co's block.

Good Templar's Hall ... S S Vaughn bet Suffolf and Lowell.

Cecil's Hall ... N S Vaughn bet Suffolk and Norfolk.

Scandinavian Hall ... N S Vaughn bet Suffolk and Norfolk.