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All About The City Of

Hurley Wisconsin 1892       



Hurley, Wis., is situated on he west bank of the Montreal river, on the line of the Milwaukee,

Lake Shore & Western and Wisconsin Central Railways.  The Village site was located and platted in 1882,

 and now contains about 3,000 population. A most destructive fire visited Hurley a few years ago, but, like

Chicago, it rose again, and now is a flourishing town, full of live business men and fine buildings.



A good system of water works supplies the town with water for all modern conveniences. 

The town is lighted by electricity, and is protected by a well organized fire department 

Two banks do a general banking business.  Two weekly and one daily newspapers are well

patronized by merchant and citizen.  The hotel accommodations are good. The streets are

well laid out and paved. 



Fine schools afford opportunities for the education of the youth of the land, and the churches

are large and well filled by a law-abiding and a God-fearing people. 



The principal pursuits are mercantile and mining.  The machine and boiler shops represent the

manufacturing interest.  The location is healthy, and many cozy homes adorn the town.






Town Hall ... n s Copper bet 3rd and 4th ave.

The Village of Hurley is governed by a board consisting of three supervisors elected by a popular

vote of the people for a term of one year. Annual elections are held first Tuesday in April.



MEMBERS OF THE TOWN BOARD ... Board meets first Thursday in each month.

John F Sullivan, M G McGeehan, Capt W H Whitesides. 




Chairman ... John F Sullivan

Supervisors ... M G McGeehan, Capt W H Whitesides

Town Clerk ... John F Sullivan, salary $600

Treasurer ... Walter Wilcox, fees

Attorney ... George C Foster

Street Commissioner ... Alfred Swanson

Assessor ... A J Agnew

Chief of Poloce ... Sam Swanson

Health Commisioner ... Dr W A Hobday

Poor Commissioner ... James Blackburn

Chief of Fire Department ... C J Higgins


vote of the people for a term of one year. Annual elections are held first Tuesday in April.



MEMBERS OF THE TOWN BOARD ... Board meets first Thursday in each month.

John F Sullivan, M G McGeehan, Capt W H Whitesides. 



Hurley Cornet Band ...  Headquarters Town Hall, Copper st. Organized 1888.

Number of pieces 15.  Eniform Cadet Gray with black trimmings and US regulation helmets, with white plumes.

 Business meeting first Tuesday in every month, and practice Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays in the Town Hall.

Leader ... Moses Coppin.



THE SCANDIA COMET BAND ... Organized Sept 1890. Number of pieces  20.

 Uniform blue with yellow trimmings.

Leader ... Prof Holemo.







First National Bank of Hurley ...  S s of Silver st bet Third and Fourth ave. 

     Incorporated 1890.  Capital $50,000.

President ... Samuel Mitchell

Vice President .... John Q Adams

Cashier ... W A Burt



Iron Exchange Bank of Hurley ... N s of Silver st between Third and Fourth aves.

       Organized 1885. Capital $25,000.

President ... J C Reynolds

Cashier ... W S Reynolds






First Methodist Episcopal Church ... S s Maple st.  Membership, 40 .

 Sunday services 10:30 a m and 7:30 p m.

Class meeting 9:30 a m and Sunday School 2:30 p m.

  Epworth league Tuesday 7:30 p m.  Prayer meeting

Thursday 7:30 p m.  Ladies Aid meets every Friday 2:30 p m.

 Teachers' meeting Wednesdays at the residence of the pastor.

Pastor ... W P Burrows



First Presbyterian Church ... S E cor of Fourth ave and Copper st. Sunday services 11 a m, 7:30 p m. 

Sunday School 12 noon.  Prayer meeting Wednesdays 7:30 p m.

Membership, 50.

 Y P S C E monday 7:30 p m.

Pastor ... C C Todd                                      

 Residence rear of the church.



German Lutheran Church ... S E cor Poplar st and Second ave.

Organized 1889.

Sunday services every second Sunday in the month at 10 a m.

Pastor ... Fred Randt                                  

 Residence s s Poplar st bet First and Second aves.



St. Mary Catholic Church ... N E cor of Iron st and Fifth ave. 

Sunday services 8:30 a m , 10:30 a m, and

Vespers 7:30 p m.    

 Sunday school 2:30 p m. 

Pastor ... Father Gilbert                            

 Residence s s Iron st bet Fifth and Sixth aves.







Board of Education

Director ...  P G Lennon         

Treasurer ... W S Reynolds        

 Clerk ... D C Gowdey        

 Principal ... A D Prideaux



Central Public School ... N e cor Iron st and 4th ave.

Principal ... A D Prideaux , salary $1000.

Teachers ... Greta Lennon, Alma Trezona, Nellie Shortell, Katie Nicholson, Josie Lund, Mary Ashmun, Celesta Harkins,                                                           Fred D Bath, Hattie Gowdey; salary $50 per month.



St Mary School ... E s of 5th ave bet Iron and Copper sts.

       Teachers ... Sister Mary Cherubim and Sister M Cornelia.









McConnell Hardware Co ...  

Incorporated 1887

Pres ... Hugh Richard                  

 Vice pres ... W A Richard                  

 Sec and Treas ... R L McConnell         



Germania Iron Mining Company ...

 Incorporated 1884.         

Capital $40,000.  Headquarters& office on Germania Hill

Pres ... E A Hayes                  

 Vice Pres ... Mrs Mary Hayes Chynoweth

Sec ... W P Lyons                             

Treas ... J O Hayes                                               

 Supt ... D D Smith



Wisconsin Mining Supply Company ...         

Incorporated March 1st, 1891.                      

Capital $10,000

Headquarters n s of Silver bet Third and Fourth aves.

Pres ... F M Prescott                             

Treas ... R E Mace

Sec ... R E Mace                                   

Mngr ... P M Tallon







Montreal River Miner ...   (Independent weekly) 

Office in Richards's Brick block n e sor of Silver st and Second ave.

Published every Saturday by Gowdey and Goodell.

 Subscription  $2 per year.

Editors and Proprietors .... Gowdey and Goodell.



Gogebic Iron Tribune ... Republican weekly) 

Office w s Fourth ave bet Silver and Copper sts.

Published every Saturday by F B Hand . 

Subscription $2 per annumm.

Editor and Proprietor ... F B Hand





Northern Pacific Express Co ...

Office n s of Silver st bet Third and Fourth aves.

Agent ... T S McKenzie.



United States Express Company ... 

Office n s of Silver st bet Thrid and Fourth aves.

Agent ... G A Alexander









Protestant and Catholic Cemetaries are situated south of Base Ball Park.

Sexton ... John Legender.



Central School Library ... In Central School building n e cor of Iron st and Fourth ave.

          Contains 138 books of travel and history.



POST OFFICE                             


N s of Silver st bet Third and Forth aves. General delivery open from 8 a m to 8 p m.

  Money Order and Registry department open from 8 a m to 7:30 p m. 


TELEPHONE COMPANY                   


Wisconsin Telephone Company ... Office cor Third ave and Silver st.

Manager ... George RobertsOffice

open Sunday from 9 to 10 a m.

Postmaster ... F B Hand                    

Asst Postmaster ... F G Howard                  

 General Delivery Clerk ... Alice McGillis





Hurley Opera House ...

S w cor of First ave and Silver st.

 Incorporated October 1889.  Capital $3,000.

Pres and Gen. Mangr ... L J Day                                          

 Sec ... P G Lennon

Vice Pres ... P C Whitman                                                           

Treas ... J C Fedler                                                           







Gogebic Electric Light Company ...         

Incorporated 1888                  

 Capital $25,000

Office over Gogebic Meat and Provision Market s s Silver st bet Second and Third aves.

Pres ... John H Pease                             

 Manager ... L O Hill

Sec ... E A Pease                                      

  Supt ... Charles Woelflen



                         SECRET AND PROTECTIVE SOCIETIES                    




Headquarters Catholic School House n e cor Iron st and Fifth ave.

Organized April 1889.

Membership 71. 

Meetings every Sunday in the month at 2:30 p m.

Pres ... George Brown                                           

 Vice Pres ... Patrick Sullivan

Treas ... J A Baker                                                 

 Sec ... John Ragan



Independent Order of Good Templars ...

Hurley Lodge 138

Headquarters in the parlor of the Presbyterian church, s e cor of Fourth ave and Copper st.

Organized October 1889. Membership 36. Meets Fridays, 7:30 p m.

Chief Templar ... Charles Healy                            

 Chaplain ... Charles Aver

Lodge Deputy ... D Shaffer                                       

 Rec Sec ... George Hill

Vice Templar ... Charles Aver                                

Treas ... W M Satterly

P C Templar ... Mrs Goodell.



Ancient Order of Foresters of America ...

Court Everlasting No. 7698

Headquarters s s Silver st bet Second and Third aves. 

Meets Mondays, 7:30 p m. 

Organized April 6, 1889.           

Membership, 125

Deputy High Chief Ranger ... Capt James McKenzie

Past D H C R ... F W Main                                      

 Financial sec ... H C Smith

C R ... W J Rule                                                             

 Rec Sec ... J H Hawke

S C R ... W Slinger                                                          

 Treas ... Walter Wilcox


Independent Order of Odd fellows ...

Hematite Lodge No. 134

Headquarters over Y M C A n s of Silver st bet Third and Fourth aves. 

Meets Thursdays 8 p m.

Membership, 75.                             

Organized 1886

P G ... Capt T H Taylor                                      

V G ... A C Trobridge

N G ... C W Bardon                                               

 sec ... John R Thomas

Treas ... W H Lucia


Knights of Pythias ...

Uniform Rank H A George Division No. 24

Headquarters ver Y M C A rooms n s Silver st bet Third and Fourth aves.

Meets third Monday in each month. 

Organized February 1891.                   

Membership 36.

Capt ... L C Smith                                                 

Recorder ... W H Lucia                   

 First Lieut ... H R Curtis

Treas ... J A Slender                                          

 Herald ... F D Day                             

 Sent ... Griff Thomas




Headquarters at rooms over Y M C A n s of Silver bet Third and Fourth aves.

Meets Wednesday 8 p m.

 Membership 65

P C ... W J Shumway                                      

 P ... O H Martin

C C ... L C Smith                                                

 M A ... A C Trobridge

V C ... W H Lucia                                                

 K of R and S ... T S McKenzie



MASONIC  Hurley Lodge No. 237 A F and A M.

Headquarters Tribune building w s of Fourth ave bet Silver and Copper sts.

Meets second and fourth Tuesday of each month.                    

 Organized 1887.    

Membership  50.

Worshipful Master ... W J Shumway                            

 J W ... I W Main

S M ... Sol Heinemann                                                          

 Treas ... M Lambrie

Sec ... C J HIggins