Pence is a small town, situated in the Northeastern part of Ashland county, Wis., on the Pence branch of the Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western Railway, about four miles west of Hurley. It is located at the western extremity of the iron formation as developed, and is surrounded by numerous promising options, and is supported by the trade derived therefrom. Its population is about 630 people, -which number will gradually increase as that part of the range developes.


Anderson John, (Lund & Anderson) ...  saloon and boarding house.
Barbelasa . ... , saloon and boarding house.
Brooks M. ...  deputy marshal.
Card Mrs L S. ...  prop Frontier House. Cummins A'r 1, saloon,
Frontier Hous ... , Mrs L S Card prop.
Lund, C (Lund & Anderson) ...  saloon and boarding house.
Mallory, P ...  saloon.
McCartey, John ...  saloon and boarding house.
McNeil, P ...  saloon and public hall
Moarse & Co ...  saloon and boarding house.
Pedro David C ...  saloon and boarding house.


A junction of the Range Branch of the Wisconsin Central
Railway and Milwaukee Lake Shore & Western Railway in the
eastern part of Ashland County, Wis, about five miles from


Cutter, Thomas ...  switchman W C Ry
Donner, D B. ...  switchman W C  Ry.
Earbeck, C. ...   saloon.
Snyder J. ...  agt W C Ry.
Stack J. ...  engineer W C Ry.
VanOss J. ...  yardmaster W C  Ry.

Post Office situated at the Pence Branch of Milwaukee Lake Shore
and Western Railway, about three miles from Hurley.


Day, FD ... general merchandise and miner's supplies
Furnett, William ... clerk, FD Day
LeClair, J.J. ... manager, FD Day
Lewis, John ... mining capt.
Nelson, N.E. ...teamster, FD Day
Postmaster ... F D Day
Trezona, Richard ... mining Capt, Pence Mine
Web, Samuel ... mining capt, 33 Iron Mining Co. (Montreal Mining Co)

1888 Gogebic Range Directory

Pence, Hoyt & Montreal Wisconsin