Probably the largest place, numerically, on the range is the village of Ironwood. Its situation is on the east bank of the Montreal River, in Gogebic county, Michigan, and directly opposite from Hurley.  It is separated from the latter by a flat nearly a mile wide, which at present, is sparsely settled, and in the middle of which courses the Montreal River, the boundary line between Wisconsin and Michigan.

It was platted immediately after Bessemer by the Milwaukee Lake Shore and Western Railway in the year 1885, and, like that place, grew rapidly.  The original plat has been almost surrounded by additions and covered with large business blocks.  The growth of the place has been substantial, and is not overdone.  The principal support of the place is the hundreds of miners employed in the mines contiguous to the town, and many of whom have built little homes in the village itself,  The mineral deposits nearby are almost inexhaustible, and represent untold wealth.  The principal mines are the Ashland, Norrie, Aurora, Pabst and Iron King, which represent about three eighths of the ore shipped from the range during the past year, and all these properties are yet in the first stages of development.

With all this developed and undeveloped iron wealth at her back, the future of Ironwood should not at all be in the dark or uncertain.

Like Hurley, Ironwood was subjected to a fiery visitation on the tenth day of September, and the main portion of the town laid in ashes.  Nothing daunted, the property owners immediately began the erection of fine brick block to replace the old ones, and the town is now in better condition than before.  Some of the finest bricks in northern Michigan or Wisconsin are in the course of erection here.  The city is lighted by electricity, and, like the other range town, the streets are well graded and drained.  During the latter part of the past summer the pipes for a system of water-works were laid, and the works will be in operation soon, thus giving the place ample fire protection.

One of the strong evidences of the substantial nature of the growth of the town is the high price at which real estate is held and sold there.
It contains some of the largest mercantile institutions on the range.  Among them are F.M. Prescott's hardware, machinery and supply store, Bingham and Perrins's general store, and Hoxie and Mellor's lumber yard, and others of equal importance.
The Ionwood Bank does the banking business of the place and has a wide reputation over the entire range.

The place supports one weekly newspaper, the Gogebic Iron Record.  It is well edited,  and one of the standard newspapers over the entire range.
Taken all together, Ironwood is one of the best towns on the range, and offers many inducements to investors. Its growth has been permanent and quiet, but has reached a magnitude that upon reflection seems surprising.


Population …. 7000.

Supervisor … George F Kelley
Clerk … William H Knight
Treasurer … Joseph Crimmins
Highway Commissioner … Peter Hawkinson
Overseer of Highway … James Bradley
Pound Master 2075.22 … J. M. Sullivan

Geo. F Kelley, D J Sullivan, J T Corcoran & Wm. F Knight
Deputy U S Court Commissioner … A A Hammond
Deputy U S Marshal … Andrew Byrnes

Capt D J Sullivan, J T Corcoran & J H D Stevens

Marshal … Andrew Byrnes
Deputy Marshal … Dennis Shea
Deputy Sheriff … John Atkinson
Patrolmen …  Chas. Nelson, J Webb, Tom Connors, M Ryan

Moderator … E B Williams
Director … J H D Stevens
Treasurer … W L Pierce
Trustees … Andrew Johnson Capt. D J Sullivan

Principal … L L Wright
Teachers … Misses E Atkinson, M McVichie, M Ready, K Sherman, A Downs,  F Bassett, Mrs L L Wright

Pierce's Opera House … W L Pierce, prop.; J J Boyd, manager. Seating capacity, 600. Corner Suffolk st and Ashland ave.

Presbyterian Church … Trustees, E B Williams, Capt. J D Day, E L Bailey. Marquette st.
Roman Catholic … Rev Jos. Barron, pastor. Trustees, Dan Mullan, T Hartigan. Marquette st.
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church … Rev. John D Nelsenius, pastor. Trustees, Abram Anderson, Andrew Johnson, Chas. Johnson, O L Thornblack, Fred Ostberg.
Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church … Rev. P A Johnson, pastor. Trustees, John Nelson,A G Haglen, S J Gustafson, Andrew Engstrom, A Nelson. Suffolk st.

Ironwood Lodge, Masonic … W. M., G A Brewer; S.W., W Whitesides; J.W., J Crimmins; S.D., J W Bingham; J. D., Geo. Whelden; Sec., Simon Gorman; Treas., J R Moore.

Albrecht, W L … agent Western Union Telegraph Co and American Express Co.
Ayer st,
Anderson Chas & Co … dry goods, Suffolk st.
Anderson, C P … Miner's Exchange saloon, Suffolk st.
Anderson, A … boarding house, Aurora st.
Anderson & Johnson … saloon, Suffolk st.
Atkinson, J T … saloon and billiard hall, Ayer st.
Atkinson, P S …
Atkinson, Miss E … teacher, public school
Atkinson, T G … sec and treas, Ironwood Store Co.

Bailey, E L … bk and paymaster, Aurora mine.
Bank of Ironwood … J C Reynolds pres, N D Moore vice pres, John E Burton
          and A E Tyler directors, cor Suffolk and Ayer st.
Bartono D … saloon, Aurora st.
Barnard &Kerrick … fruit and confectionery, Suffolk st.
Bassett, I A … law, real estate and insurance, Suffolk st.
Bassett, Miss F … teacher, public school.
Bay, A J … furnishing goods and confectionery, Aurora st.
Bay, A G … prop., Bay House.
Bay House … A G Bay, prop., Aurora st.
Bean, J E … jewelery, musical instruments bokks etc, Suffolk st.
Bedard, Chas. … saloon, Ashland ave.
Becker, Jacob A … sec Northern Meat & Prov Co, Aurora st.
Belone, Chas. … saloon and boarding house, Vaughn st.
Bergstrom, Dr N A … physician and surgeon, Suffolk st.
Bingham & Perrin …. General merchandise, cor Ayer and Suffolk st.
Bingham, J W … (Bingham & Perrin.)
Bissing, H … boots and shoes.
Blatz, Val … Ironwood Beer Depot, Ayer st.
Blixt, John … Escanaba house, Ashland ave.
Brede, Albert … merchant tailor, Aurora st.
Brooks, Wm. … saloon, Suffolk st.
Brewer, Geo. … mining capt., Aurora st.
Briggs, C R … real estate and insurance, Silver st near river.
Brock, John … carpenter, Ayer st.
Brock, Mrs John … dressmaker and hairdresser, Ayer st.
Brock, Geo. F … clerk, Golden Eagle Clothing house.
Brom, H D … mining capt., Valley mine.
Brown, A R … New York hotel, Ayer st.
Bumbaleck, John … vice pres Northern Meat and Prov co, Aurora st.
Burgman, Peter … fruit and confectionery, Suffolk st.
Byrnes, H … prop Rockland House, Ashland st.

Curns, Mrs O A … Ironwood Bazaar, Ashland st.
Chaplin, J … photographer, Aurora st.
Christopher & Johnson … hotel and saloon, Ayer st.
Cline, … (Cline & Whelden)
Cline & Whelden … furniture dealers, Aurora st.
Condie, J H … civil engineer.
Corcoran, J T … justice of the peace, Suffolk st.
Corcoran, F J …night operator, W C Railroad.
Cremans J …  yardmaster, M L S & W Ry.  (Crimmins ???)

Dahl & Robinson … steam laundry, Silver near river.
Daniels, W H … barber shop, Suffolk st.
Darrow, Zell … (Ehrmanntraut & Darrow).
Davis, Joe … clerk, Bingham & Perrin.
Day, J D … supt, Metropolitan Iron and Land Co.
Dear, Ernest … clerk, E B Williams.
Delmonica Restaurant … Theo. A Gosline, Ayer st.
Demers, Jerry … saloon, Ayer st.
Deming, C P … dentist, Suffolk st.
Devoy, James … head clerk, Bingham & Perrin.
Diile, F L … agent, Wisconsin Central Railroad.
Downing, J P … prop, Star restaurant, Ayer st.
Downs, A L & Co. … drugs and medicines, Suffolk st.
Downs,Miss A … teacher, public schools.
Dunningan, John … roadmaster, W C Ry.
Durick, P H … bakery and restaurant, Aurora st.

Eckein, Simon … prop, Northwestern House, Vaughn st.
Ehrmanntraut, Henry … (Ehrmanntraut & Darrow)
Ehrmanntraut & Darrow … Meat and Prov. Store.
Erickson, John … Milwaukee House, Aurora st.
Escanaba House … John Blixt prop, Ashland ave.

Fadden, N … boarding house, Aurora.
Ferguson & Co. … real estate and collections, Suffolk st.
Ferguson, C M … mining and civil engineer.
Field, F E … Meat & Prov store, Ashland ave.
Fitzsimmons, Matt …
Flynn, J J … mgr H D Kennedy's livery stables.
Foarda, John … saloon, Aurora st.
Fohrman Bros … musical instruments, sewing machines etc, Suffolk st opp Opera House.
Fohrman, C A … (Fohrman Bros).
Fohrman, J N  … (Fohrman Bros).
Ford, Mrs D … dressmaking and ladies' furnishing goods, Ashland ave.
Forslund M & Co … groceries, Suffolk st.
Francis, E … blacksmith, Silver near river.
Frank I J … dealer in organs pianos and sewing machines.
Fureck & Fureck … saloon, Suffolk st.

Gabardi, Agostino … saloon, Hemlock st.
Gallagher, N … saloon, Ashland ave.
Galdatine, P … fruit stand, Suffolk st.
Galligan, Robert … saloon, Ayer st.
Gally Bros .. saloon, Aurora st.
Gally, J J … (Gally Bros.)
Gally, E D … (Gally Bros.)
Gass, S W … clerk, Bingham & Perrin.
Geary, C … saloon, Ayer st.
Geddy & Boyer … saloon, Suffolk st.
Getz L … New York Bargain store, Suffolk st.
Gleason, Dan … opr W C Ry.
Gogebic House … A W Johnson prop, Vaughn st.
Golden Eagle Clothing House … Suffolk st.
Goniman, Wm. … boarding house.
Gordon, E E … Perry & Gordon prop Ironwood Record, Suffolk st.
Gosline, Theo. B … prop Delmonica Restaurant, Ayer st.
Gowdie, Jas. … civil and mining engineer.
Grand Hotel … Hay & Thomas, props, Suffolk st.

Haagensen, A R … lawyer, Suffolk st.
Hammond, A A … lawyer, Suffolk st.
Hamstock, John … clerk, E B Williams.
Hanley, P … saloon, Aurora st.
Hanscom, C A … law real estate and insurance, Suffolk st.
Hanson E & Co. … general merchandise, cor Suffolk and Vaughn st.
Harper, F W … baggageman, Wisconsin Central Railroad.
Hay, W H … dealer in real estate.
Hay & Thomas … props Grand Hotel, Suffolk st.
Hazeltine & Honon … contractors and builders.
Heiser, Charles … pres Northern Meat and Prov Co, Aurora st.
Heyman, A … clothing and furnishing goods, cor Suffolk & Ashland ave.
Hibbert, N … supt, Aurora mine.
Hoffman, C … dispatcher, M L S $ W Ry.
Howkinson & Johnson … saloon.
Hoxie, Albert E … mgr (Hoxie & Mellor).
Hoxie & Mellor … lumber dealers, Suffolk st.

Ironwood Bazaar … Mrs O H Carus, Ashland ave.
Ironwood House … C Jacobinson, prop, Vaughn st.
Ironwood Record … weekly newspaper and job office, Perry & Gordon, props,
Suffolk st.
Ironwood Store Co … general merchandise, J D Day pres, T G Atkinson sec & treas,  Ayer st.

Jocobinson, C … Ironwood House, Vaughn st.
Jacet, N A … groceries, harness and saddles, Aurora st.
Johns, J H ,,, minibg capt., Blue Jacket and First National mines.
Johnson, Mrs Mary … resaurant, Hemlock st.
Johnson, A W … livery and feed stable, Suffolk st.
Johnson, A W … Gogebic House, Vaughn st.
Johnson, P A … pastor, Swedish Methodist Epis church, Suffolk st.
Jones, C W … law real estate and mining, Suffolk st.
Jones, W S … fire life and accident insurance, Suffolk st.
Jones, E H … mining capt., Iron King and Bonnie mines.
Juneau, Elisha … saloon, Silver st.

Kane, M L … saloon, Suffolk st.
Karste, O E … cashier, Bank of Ironwood, Suffolk st.
Keese, H & Co. … general merchandise, Aurora st.
Kelly, G F … postmaster, Suffolk st.
Kennedy, H D … livery and exchange stables, Ayer st.
Keranen, W … saloon, Ashland ave.
Kinney, Miss L … millinery and ladies' furnishing goods, Ayer st.
Kline, Henry … boots shoes and furnishing goods, Suffolk st.
Knight, Miss J … teacher, public school.
Koenig, Chas. H … clothing boots and shoes, Suffolk st.
Koepke & Rice … saloon and restaurant, Ayer st.
Koerbitz, George … saloon, Suffolk st.

Laughren & Laduke … hotel & saloon, Aurora st.
Laughren, C J … prop St James Hotel, Suffolk st.
Lavictoirs, Isidore … fruit and cigars, Silver st near river.
Lee, Sam … laundry, Suffolk st.
Leininger, L & Co. … meat market, Ashland ave.
Le Munyon, C E … barber.
Levendusky, Leteorki & Hudrzckl … merchant tailors, Aurora st.
Lieberthal, A … dry goods and clothing, Suffolk st.
Lincoln, S W … saloon, Suffolk st.
Lorenzen, H … book keeper, Bingham & Perrin.
Luby, Wm. … real estate and lumber.
Luet, Frant … blacksmith and wagonmaker, Ashland ave.
Lundeen, A … clerk, Golden Eagle Clothing House.

Mace, R E … book keeper, Fred M Prescott, Ayer st.
Maline & Kent … saloon and billiard hall, Ayer st.
Maxson, D E … (Maxson & Co).
Maxon & Co … hardware, Suffolk st.
McCabe, Dr M F … physician and surgeon, Suffolk st.
McGee, W L … agent, M L S & W ry.
McGeehan, M G … prop Transient Hotel, Ayer st.
McLaughlin, Richard … justice of the peace, Suffolk st.
McVichie, Miss M … teacher, public school.
McVivor, R … assistant master mechanic, W C Ry.
Miller, P C J … saloon, Ayer st.
Miller, Fred … Milwaukee beer office on Frederick st near W C Ry depot.
Miller, Charles … saloon and boarding house, Suffolk st.
Milwaukee House … John Eckein prop, Vaughn st.
Milwaukee Lake Shore & Western Railway … W L McGee agent, depot cor Suffolk
and  Ayer st.
Miners' Exchange … C P Anderson, prop, Suffolk st.
Minors, E J … book keeper, E B Williams.
Monroe, Jas. S … attorney at law, Suffolk st.
Monroe, Miss E M … dress making and millinery, Aurora st.
Montague House and Saloon … John Montague prop, Aurora st.
Montague, John … prop Montague House and Saloon.
Moore, Dr G E … mining and railroad physician and surgeon.
Moore, Dr J R … mining and railroad physician and surgeon.
Morin, D … saloon, Silver st near river.
Merse, John … cigar stand, Vaughn st.
Morton, J H … Five and Ten Cent Store, Ashland ave.
Morton, H C … furniture and stoves, Silver near river.
Mullen, P H … (Mullen Bros).
Mullen, J W … (Mullen Bros).
Mullen Bros. … furniture dealers and undertakers, Suffolk st.
Mullins, D … real estate town lots and furniture, Aurora st.

Narolewski, Frank … shoemaker, Suffolk st.
Nelsenius, John … pastor, Swedish Evangelical Lutheran church.
Nelson, H P … groceries and provisions, Suffolk st.
Nelson, O … saloon, Vaughn st.
Nelson, John … boarding house and saloon, Vaughn st.
Newberry, W E … real estate, Silver st near river.
New York Bargain Store ,,, L Getz prop, Suffolk st.
New York Hotel … A R Brown prop, Ayer st.
Nick, M … (Wangard & Nick bakers).
Nitteburg, A … saloon, Suffolk st.
Neven, Dr J K … physician and surgeon, office at Norrie mine.
Nordlund, Peter … barber, Suffolk st.
Northwestern House … Simon Eckein prop, Vaughn st.
Northern Meat and Prov Co. … Chas. Heiser pres, John Bumbalevk vice pres, Jos. F Seng treas, Jacob A Becker sec, Aurora st.
Nort & Co. … soda water mfg, Ayer st.
Norton, Chas. … clerk, Fred M Prescott.

Oates, John … yard engineer, W C Ry.
O'Connell, Wm. T … saloon, Suffolk st.
Olson, C C … clerk, Bingham & Perrin.
Olson, G … confectioneries and stationers, Ashland ave.
Olson, Andrew … groceries and cigars, Aurora st.
O'Neil, P … Alhambra Theatre, Ayer st.
O'Rourke, E J … clerk, Bingham & Perrin.
Ostral, A J … boot and shoe maker, Suffolk st.
Oxnam, J W … groceries and confectioneries, Aurora st.

Parent, D C … Palace Restaurant, Ayer st.
Palace Restaurant … D C Parent prop, Ayer st.
Peck, S F … book keeper, Ashland mine.
Perrin … (Bingham & Perrin).
Perry & Gordon, props, Ironwood Record and job office, Suffolk st.
Perry, L J … (Perry & Gordon)
Perry, Mrs A P … restaurant, Aurora st.
Peterson & Swenson … prop Tremont House, Suffolk st.
Phelps, A H … groceries and confectionery, Aurora st.
Pierce, W L … prop opera house & dealer in real estate options, Ashland ave.
Pimstein, H … clerk, L Getz.
Pincoffs, Charles … mgr Golden Eagle Clothing House, Suffolk st.
Poule, Albino … fruit and confectionery, Silver st near river.
Powers, N … prop Rustic Saloon, Suffolk st.
Prescott, Fred M … hardware machinery and miners' supplies, cor Ayer & Lowell sts.

Quemby C … clerk of construction M L S & W Ry.

Ready, Miss M … teacher, public school.
Recht, John … bakery and confectionery, Ashland ave.
Reck, Julius … baggageman, M L S & W Ry.
Rice, Charles … prop Windsor House, Ayer st.
Rice, George E … saloon, Silver st near river.
Riddle, E F … hotel and saloon, Aurora st.
Riddle House … E F Riddle prop, Aurora st.
Roach, David … hotel and saloon, Aurora st.
Roat & Possolt … props St Joe Hotel, Silver near river.
Roberts, W O … clerk M L S & W Ry.
Rockland House … H Byrnes prop, Ashland ave.
Rodbacken, O A … boot and shoemaker, Aurora st.
Rolls, Miss Rosa … dress and cloak maker, Ayer st.
Rothschild, W … saloon, cor Suffolk st and Ashland ave.
Runstrom, A H … saloon, Suffolk st.
Rustic Saloon … N Powers prop, Suffolk st.

Santer, Paul … mason and plasterer, Ashland ave.
Schaffer, Miss A E … (Wells & Schaffer), Aurora st.
Schlitz, Jos Brewing Co's branch office, Ayer st.
Schroeder & Roeder … tailors and drapers, cor Suffolk st & Ashland ave.
Schneider, Albert … boots and shoes, Aurora st.
Seek, Fred … clerk, E B Williams.
Seng, Jos. F … treas Northern Meat and Prov Co.
Shannon, Dan … livery and sale stable, Suffolk st.
Shea, T … restaurant and lunch counter, Ayer st.
Shea, J J … boot and shoe maker, Aurora st.
Sherman, J G …
Sherman, Miss K … teacher public school.
Shove, B W … cashier M L S & W Ry.
Shouldice, Jas. … boarding house, Silver st near river.
Simon, Jos. … pianos organs and sewing machines, P O Box 218.
Skud, Herman … jewelry and gents' furnishing goods, Suffolk st.
Smith, George … blacksmith and wagon shop, Ayer st.
Spencer, George … clerk Fred M. Prescott.
Sporley, A … harness maker.
Spur, George F … baggageman M L S &W Ry.
Star Restaurant … J P Downing prop, Ayer st.
Stephens, W W … supt Pabst mine.
Stevens, E … mining capt Pabst mine.
Stevens, J H D … county judge and justice of the peace, Suffolk st.
Stiles, Wm … (Stiles & Whalen) Aurora st.
Stiles & Whalen … saloon, Aurora st.
Stine, J … clerk, Bingham & Perrin, Suffolk st.
Stine, C … clerk, Bingham & Perrin, Suffolk st.
St Joe Hotel … Roat & Possolt props, Silver st near river.
Stone & Co … meat and provisions, cor Aurora and Suffolk st.
Suggitt, A … yardmaster W C Ry.
Sullivan, E … boarding house, Ayer st.
Sullivan, J H … barber, Ayer st.
Sullivan, John D … boarding house, Aurora st.
Sullivan, D E …
Sutherland, D E … mining capt, East Norrie mine.
Sylvester, A … saloon and restaurant, Ayer st.

Taylor, J H … mining capt, Ahland mine.
Thomas, Dr A H … mining physician and surgeon, Suffolf st.
Thomas & McCabe … drugs and medicines, Suffolk st.
Thomas, F F … (Hay & Thomas Grand Hotel)
Thornblack, O L … photographer, cor Suffolk and Vaughn st.
Transient Hotel … M G McGeehan prop, Ayer st.
Trebilcock, Wm … mining capt, Norrie mine.
Tremont House … Peterson & Swenson prop, Suffolk st.

Walker House … P S Walker prop, Aurora st.
Walker, P S … prop Walker House, Aurora st.
Walter, John H … barber, Aurora st.
Wangard, A … (Wangard & Nick), Suffolk st.
Waters, Mrs B … boarding house, Aurora st.
Weber & Kalbfleisch … contractors & builders & saloon, Aurora st.
Wells & Schaffer … Misses millinery, Aurora st.
Wells, Miss L F … (Wells & Schaffer).
Welin, C M … boarding house, Suffolk st.
Welsh, J J … hotel and saloon, Ashland ave.
Wheldon, George … (Cline & Wheldon).
Whalen, William … (Stiles & Whalen).
Whitesides, William … photographer, Ashland ave.
Williams, E B … hardware stoves etc, cor Aurora & Lowell st.
Williams, W I … blacksmith and wagon shop, Ayer st.
Wilmont, J G … saloon, Ayer st.
Windsor House … Charles Rice prop, cor Ayer and Lowell st.
Winslow, Will L … jewelry and musical instruments, Suffolk st.
Wisconsin Central Railway … F W Dille agent, depot Ayer st betw Suffolk & Lowell.
Wood, William B … cleark Bingham & Perrin.
Wright, L L … principal public school, Ashland ave.
Wright, Mrs L L … teacher public school.