Gogebic Range Directories
1888 - 1947

Irondale, Michigan
Siemens, Michigan
Jessieville, Michigan

Irondale is a small place situated on the Milwaukee, Lake Shore &  Western Railways about midway between the villages of Bessemer and Wakefield, in the county of Gogebic. Black River runs through the town, and is utilized as a mill pond by A Weed & Co, who have a saw and planing mill at this place they having built a dam here to, back the water up for that purpose. The settlement of the place was begun about 2 year ago Its main support is the sawmill at  A. Weed & Co. But there are large mining interests near the place, and the Anvil, are of the prominent mines on the range, is situated within a mile from its limits. The East Anvil, Gogebic, Miner & Wells Rhinelander and Mikado iron mining options are located within a short distance from the place

Barnett, Fred   book keeper A Weed 3: Co,
Bietrich, A   agent for Hoxie & Muller
Black River Hotel Dorsey & Waters prop.
Bodoh, Richard   boarding house.
Commercial Hotel   B Norman prop.
Dorsey & Waters, prop Black River Hotel
Hubbard M & Co, genera; merchandise.
Hubbard, M   foreman A Weed & Co,
Humble, John   mining capt East Anvil Mining Co.
Koob, Frank V   mining  capt Miner & Wells Mining Co.
Lucia, E   postmaster
Lucia, W   assistant, postmaster
Martin, D E   mining capt Rhinelander Mining Co,
Norman, H   prop Commercial 'Hotel

Tilly, J clerk M Hubbard & Co.
Walls,  William   mining capt Gogebic Iron Mining Co.
Waters & Butler, boarding house and saloon
Weed A & Co. lumber and shingle mfg.


It is situated about midway between the towns of Bessemer and Ironwood on the main line of the Like Shore road and where the Jessieville and Puritan branches connect with it, it is the shipping point of the output of  the Iron King, Pabst,  Puritan and other mines The railroad coal sheds are situated her

Mosher, Fred ...  Yardmaster Mil L S & W  Ry
Price, Joh ... , section foreman Mil L S & W Ry
Talo,r C  ... , agt Mil L S & W Ry.


HISTORY OF JESSIEVILLE situated at the Iron King and Pabst
mines between Bessemer  and Ironwood on a spur of the Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railway. It has a population of about 200 people, with it a number of business houses and is supported by the numerous mines and options lying around it.

Anderson & Birch ... genl mdse
Barnette, James ...  saloon.
Birch Chas ...  asst  postmaster
Carlson Chas boot and shoe maker.
Censtaon, August saloon
Corbett Edward ...boarding house
Donley & Newman   saloon and Billard hall
Donnelly, Peter ... saloon
Downs, M L   postmaster
Gremore, John   boarding house
Larson & Skemfer ... saloon & boarding house
McDonald, Hugh   constable and deputy marshal.
Nelson, Andrew night watchman  -
Newman, Victor ...  prop Suomalamen Hotel
Nieme,  Miss Sophia ... Laundry
Peterson, Mrs Martin ...  boarding house.
Suomalamen Hotel ...  Victor Newman prop